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Graduate School Preview Programs and Information about Grad School:

Interested in applying to graduate school? Want to learn more about various programs? See our list of universities who offer preview programs, information seminars, and short visit weekends to learn more about their school and programs.

Graduate Preview Programs

Grad School Heaven Website

Financial Support in Graduate School Opportunities:
http://www.pathwaystoscience.org/Grad.asp Bridge to the Doctorate, IGERT and NSF Grad Research Fellowship programs provide generous stipend and tuition support for students through the National Science Foundation

For Postdoc opportunities: http://www.pathwaystoscience.org/Postdocs_portal.aspGraduate Preview Programs


Summer Research Programs and Internships:

This list contains information on various opportunities (paid and unpaid) for summer research programs and internships at universities and colleges in the U.S.

Note that summer research program deadlines range from January – April. We urge you to search for summer opportunities during the preceding Fall semester to allow time to request faculty letter of recommendations, write a strong statement of purpose, and complete applications.

New opportunities are added to this list on a regular basis.

Summer Research Programs  (various programs/disciplines)

For Undergraduates: http://www.pathwaystoscience.org/Undergrads.asp
Paid Summer 2013 Undergrad Research Placements (still being updated):
Over 800 programs – REU and other summer research opportunities for undergrads

Summer Research Programs for Undergrads/Grads/Post-Bacs

Undergraduate Summer Research Internships at Stanford

Summer Research Programs for Chemistry Students:

Summer Research Programs for Mathematics: 

For NASA-supported internships, fellowships and scholarships

Internship with RISE GHI – http://www.riseghi.org/


Writing Tutor Hours and Location

Room: GMCS 322A

IMSD Scholar hours: Mon: 2:00-5:00; Thurs: 9:00-11:00

IMSD Scholars must sign up to meet with the writing tutor during the IMSD Scholar hours. There is a sign up sheet on the door of GMCS 322A.

The MARC program generously funds a writing tutor open to all students. Walk-ins welcome! Sign up in GMCS 322 to make sure you don’t have to wait. Anna reviews personal statements, papers, applications, and other written material.

Free hours (open to all students): Tues/Wed 9:00-11:00; Fri 9:00-2:00


New Biomedical Exploratory Program (BEP) – Pre-MBRS/IMSD Program

The SDSU MBRS-IMSD program is currently accepting applications for freshmen/sophomore students.  Five (5) freshmen/sophomore students will be selected to spend the summer working in SDSU faculty mentored laboratories. Students will be exposed to research, interact with faculty, staff scientists, graduate students, and shadow advanced undergraduates. Students will observe research techniques, learn how to do scientific literature searches, and be exposed to hands-one research training. Students will also receive mentoring and advising on how to better prepare for graduate school in the biomedical and behavioral sciences.

For more information on how to apply, email Jessica at jnombrano@mail.sdsu.edu OR stop by GMCS 322C.

To apply visit:  https://sci.sdsu.edu/imsd/bep-scholars/apply/


Mentor a Freshmen/Sophomore Student interested in Biomedical or Behavioral Science!

The SDSU MBRS-IMSD Program will implement a new freshmen/sophomore program called the Biomedical Exploratory Program (BEP).

BEP scholars will be a part of the MBRS program, and will gain hand-on experience in a biomedical/behavioral science laboratory.

BEP scholars will be matched with junior/senior MBRS-IMSD Scholars OR any junior/senior undergraduate OR graduate student who conducts research at SDSU.  Interested in mentoring an incoming BEP scholar?  Please call 619-594-3744 or email Jessica at jnombrano@mail.sdsu.edu



Undergraduate Research Opportunity in Clinical Psychology

Dr. Nader Amir and Dr. Charles Taylor at the Center for Understanding and Treating Anxiety in the SDSU Department of Psychology are currently seeking undergraduates to volunteer as research assistants.

Undergraduates will be involved in various aspects of the research process including participant recruitment, development of studies, scheduling and running participants. Students will assist with projects examining novel computer-based interventions designed to reduce anxiety and increase positive emotions across a range of anxiety-related conditions. Ideal candidates: Can commit at least 15 hours/week and are available for at least 2 semesters. If interested, please email: SDSU.CUTA@gmail.com with resume or CV (if available). For more information please visit: http://nas.psy.sdsu.edu


Research Opportunity for Psychology Student

The Center for Healthy Eating and Activity Research (CHEAR) is looking for a junior or senior undergraduate student interested in psychology and obesity. The student will assist in a research project on problem solving skills, parent-child interaction and parenting style in overweight children and their parents who are enrolled in a behavioral weight loss treatment program. The project consists of analyzing video tapes of parents and children performing a problem solving task. The student will learn how to code the videos using a coding schema and will perform the bulk of the coding. Coding would begin this summer and continue through early spring 2014 with a time commitment of 20-30 hours per week over the summer and about 10-20 hours per week during the academic year. CHEAR is a very active and productive obesity research center. In addition to learning qualitative research skills, the student would be exposed to many different aspects of obesity research and would have the potential for authorship on a research paper. This is an excellent project for a student interested in applying to graduate school. This is a volunteer position.

If you are interested, please send a short cover letter and resume or CV to Dr. Dana Patton-Ku at dpatton@ucsd.edu.

Dana Patton-Ku, MD

Pediatric Gastroenterology Fellow



Partnerships- Office of Intramural Training & Education at the National Institutes of Health

This webpage leads to links for partnerships with the three partnership types: OITE-Administered Institutional Partnerships, IC-Administered Institutional Partnerships, and Individual Partnerships.

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