SDSU IMSD Student Publications

*Publications arising from research conducted while students were receiving IMSD funding *
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Klimek, P., Convertino, A. D., Gonzales, M. IV, Roesch, S. C., & Blashill, A. J. (2021). Confirmatory factor and measurement invariance analyses of the Drive for Muscularity Scale in sexual minority men and women. Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity. Advance online publication.


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Lee, Amanda N. “Characterization of mucus in digital image analysis of cystic fibrosis lungs.” SB3C 2020 Summer Biomechanics, Bioengineering and Biotransport Conference Proceedings Book, Ashley V. Schwartz, Rebecca J. Theilmann, Uduak Z. George, Jun. 2020, pp. 1358-1359. SB3C,


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Gonzales, M. IV., Blashill, A. J. (in press). Depressive Symptoms and Indoor Tanning Among U.S. Hispanic Adolescents: Results from a Nationally Representative Sample.
**This paper was published before Manuel Gonzales was an IMSD Scholar, so NIH Publishing Compliance is not needed


McKinnon, S. A., Holloway, B. M., Santoro, M. S., May, A. C., & Cronan, T. A. (2016). The effects of age, mental health, and comorbidity on the perceived likelihood of hiring a healthcare advocate. Californian Journal of Health Promotion 14(3), 45-57. PMCID: PMC5315032

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Wells S, Toba E, Harrison CR. (2016). Metal cation control of EOF magnitude in phospholipid coated capillaries. Electrophoresis.
**This paper was published before Eduardo De La Toba was an IMSD Scholar, so NIH Publishing Compliance is not needed

Keown C, Datko M, Chen C, Maximo JO, Jahedi A, Muller RA. (2016). Network organization is globally atypical in autism: A graph theory study of intrinsic functional connectivity. Biological Psychiatry, Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging. DOI:


Treiber JM, Carper R, DeJesus SY, & Muller RA (2015). Reduced hemispheric asymmetry of white matter microstructure in Autism spectrum disorder. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.
**This paper was published before Shannon DeJesus was an IMSD Scholar, so NIH Publishing Compliance is not needed

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