Headshot of Matt Anderson

Matt Anderson

(MBRS Alumni: Danielle Doughty)

Professor/Research Adviser

Research Interests: The ultrafast optics laboratory at SDSU is ready to undertake the experimental endeavors proposed here. The lab includes a Ti:Sapphire oscillator (capable of generating 10-100 fs pulses), a multipass amplifier, computers, electronics, assorted optics and mounts. At 200-300 mW output, the oscillator permits a range of experiments without amplification. There are two operational pulse shapers currently in the lab. The first is a temporal pulse shaper. It is a grating-based 4f system using a liquid crystal spatial light modulator (SLM) consisting of two 128 arrays sandwiched between polarizers (Cambridge Research SLM-256). This device can shape both the amplitude and phase of our femtosecond pulses. The outgoing temporal structure can be conveniently monitored using a SPIDER pulse characterization apparatus. For a SPIDER review, see [Anderson LPL]. With this system we have demonstrated, for example, the ability to compress complicated pulses back to the transform limit in a single step (an experiment that was highlighted in Optics & Photonics News’ “Highlights from the year in Optics”) [Anderson OPN].

Phone: 619-594-2468

Lab Website:


Fridolin Weber

(MBRS Alumni: Carolina Galindo)

Professor of Theoretical Physics
Associate Chair & Graduate Advisor
Program Area: Theoretical Physics
Office/Lab: Physics 142. Phone: 619-594-0239

Lab Website: