Congratulations to our 2013 IMSD Graduates

We are proud to announce that the IMSD program has graduated yet another amazing class of future Ph.D.’s. Ten of our eleven 2013 graduates will be entering doctoral studies this fall, with the eleventh having earned an American Indians Into Psychology Fellowship through Oklahoma State University to continue her research in clinical psychology. The amazing success of the class of 2013 has set a record for the IMSD program, and has served to further inspire our continuing students in their pursuit of a doctoral degree.

We are extremely proud of our new graduates: not just because of what they have accomplished, but also for what they have given back. They have been wonderful ambassadors for our program; have served as mentors for many budding scientists (both within IMSD and outside of the program); have volunteered at program events; and have set an extraordinary example for all science students at San Diego State. These phenomenal students will be missed, but we will bring them back to participate in future program events, where they will continue to inspire new generations of dedicated science students.


Student Name Major Mentor Ph.D. Program
Cathrine Aivati Cell & Molecular Biology Dr. Thomas Huxford UCSD/SDSU Joint Doctoral Program in Molecular Biology
Alexandria Booker Clinical Psychology Dr. Vanessa Malcarne University of Missouri, Kansas City PhD Program in Clinical Psychology
Genaro Hernandez Cell & Molecular Biology Dr. Roberta Gottlieb UT Southwestern Medical Center PhD Program in Basic Sciences/Integrative Biology
Steven Esquivel Microbiology Dr. Anca Segall University of Utah PhD Program in Molecular Biology
Gabriel Feeley Chemistry Dr. David Pullman University of Washington Chemistry PhD Program
Erin Fletcher Microbiology Dr. Kelly Doran Harvard University PhD Program in Biological and Biomedical Sciences
Kristin Frosio Clinical Psychology Dr. Nader Amir Oklahoma State University American Indians Into Psychology Fellowship
Carolina Galindo Astronomy Dr. Fridolin Weber City University of New York (CUNY) PhD Program in Physics
Alan Marquez Aerospace Engineering Dr. Luciano Demasi University of California, Los Angeles PhD Program in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Omar Maximo Cognitive Neuropsychology Dr. Ralph-Axel Muller University of Alabama at Birmingham PhD Program in Developmental Psychology
Kristine Schroeder Chemistry Dr. Douglas Grotjahn University of Washington Chemistry PhD Program