Computational models

This page is dedicated to different models which are and will be built in our lab. We will upload all developed models.


  1. The flux balance model of Methylomicrobium buryatense strain 5G(B1) and Methylomicrobium alcaliphilum 20ZR:

The model was constructed and used for evaluating metabolic engineering strategies for biofuels and chemical production with a methanotrophic bacterium as the catalytic platform. The initial metabolic reconstruction was based on whole-genome predictions. Each metabolic step was manually verified, gapfilled, and modified in accordance with genome-wide expression data.  The flux balance simulations suggest that only the transfer of electrons from methanol oxidation to methane oxidation steps can support measured growth and methane/oxygen consumption parameters, while the scenario employing NADH as a possible source of electrons for particulate methane monooxygenase cannot. COBRA version of the model in xls and SBML formats (xls for M. alcaliphilum 20ZR as well as an extended model for M. alcaliphilum 20ZR  including MXALa reaction ).