Climate change is taking an increasing toll on the global environment, health, and economy. Growing devastation including increasing temperatures, rising sea levels, worsening wildfires, more frequent and severe storms, and other cascading effects will continue to intensify over the next century without swift action to slash the use of fossil fuels and eliminate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Methane is a critical element of global carbon and one of the main greenhouse gases often released during the global fossil-energy production or waste treatment.  A tolerable balance between socioeconomic standard of living, quality of life, and our environment requires new pathways for off-setting methane emissions. Research in my group is centered on the following areas: gain a better understanding of microbial traits that capture methane in nature and apply newly discovered explicit principles to develop novel sustainable technologies to convert GHG into next generation chemicals, materials and fuels. The research spans from characterization of key elements (enzymes, regulators) essential for microbial methane utilization to engineering novel microbial systems for GHG capturing.