get involved in research!

Get Involved in Research!

Benefits of Undergraduate Research

There are several benefits in participating undergraduate research.

By participating in undergraduate research you will:

  • Develop a one-on-one mentoring relationship with faculty member, staff scientist, or doctoral students, that can earn you a strong recommendation letter necessary graduate school and professional program acceptance (e.g. law school, medical school);
  • Help clarify your academic and career interests and goals;
  • Acquire knowledge in your academic field that transcends classroom study;
  • Enhance critical skills in communication, independent thinking, creativity and problem-solving;
  • Enhance professional and academic credentials to support applications for scholarships, awards, career employment and entry into graduate and professional schools;
  • Engage in the creation of new knowledge on the cutting edge of an academic discipline and apply that knowledge to real-world problems;
  • Participate directly in SDSU’s central mission of scientific discovery, scholarly activity and creativity.
  • Any SDSU student can receive academic credit and may be eligible for departmental honors thesis projects.

How to Get Involved in Research?

  • Visit the science department web pages on-line
  • Read faculty research and biographies and make a list of your top research laboratories that interest you
  • Talk to students who are engaged in research on campus
  • Visit professor’s office hours
  • Contact faculty directly via email and phone calls and always leave your contact information
Resources for Applying to Graduate Programs in Biomedical Science
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