2012 Undergraduate Research Symposium

College of Science Students Present at the IMSD-Sponsored Undergraduate Research Symposium

Students from a span of disciplines presented their biomedical research at this annual Research Symposium on September 7th, 2012. Participants were divided into five different categories and given fifteen minutes to present their research before a panel of judges and their peers. Presenters were recognized after the symposium with a faculty member in their designated departments. The URS will be offered every September until 2017.

IMSD Scholars:

  • Cathrine Aivati: Development of an In Vitro functional assay for Myosin Folding by the UNC-45 Chaperone Protein
  • Rey Ayon: Vigilance and behavioral organization of snake predation responses in California ground  squirrels (Spermophilus Beecheyi)
  • Brittany Barfield: Coordination of alcohols to determine regioisomers or organoboranes
  • Alexandria Booker: Evaluating outcomes of cancer education interventions: a ten-year review of studies published in the journal of Cancer Education
  • Rosannae Chhouk: The imaging flow-cytobot: a new advancement in remote sensing that will shape our understanding of harmful algal blooms
  • Nick Diaz: Elucidating the Mechanisms of HCV NS2 and NS4A Cofactors for the Activity of NS3 Protease
  • Steven Esquivel: Using Microfluidics chambers (Mother Machines) to observe individual cell physiology
  • Gabriel Feeley: Mechanistic study of the production of hydrogen gas during the fabrication of silver nanoparticles
  • Erin Fletcher: Immune activation in the female reproductive tract after colonization with Group B Streptococcus
  • Kristen Frosio: Cognitive processing differences between obsessional thoughts and excessive worries
  • Carolina Galindo: The effect of gravitational lensing on dark energy measurements
  • Erika Garcia: Cryptic sheet web-building spiders (Cyatholipus Simon, 1894): denizens of the Afromontane regions of South Africa (Araneae, Cyatholipidae)
  • Genaro Hernandez: Statins confer cardioprotection through Parkin-Dependent Mitophagy
  • Alan Marquez: Nonlinear Analysis of Prandtl Plane Joined Wings
  • Omar Maximo: Abnormalities of local homogeneity in FMRI bold time series in Autism
  • Nadia Ott: The effect of substituents on Benzodiazepine electron affinity and electron transfer
  • Jerrell Tisnado: The effects of Boron on the bacterial iron transport protein FBPA
  • Elizabeth Travis: Tracing 15N and 13C in a marine environment: trophic linkages in the California Spiny Lobster food web
  • Aaron Ward: The LT1002 Metalloantibody binds CA2+ as cofactors at its epitope binding site
  • Alicia Zamudio: Lasting alterations in neural stem and progenitor cells following Coxsackievirus infection and accelerated course of disease in a transgenic mouse model for Alzheimer’s disease

MARC Scholars:

  • Francisco Candido: Microsoft Kinect finger tracking
  • Linda Honaker: Sensitive analysis of biomarkers for Neurodegenerative diseases by laser wave-mixing detection and capillary electrophoresis
  •  Laura McIntyre: Previous Coxsackievirus Infection Restricted T cell Migration into the Central Nervous System and Reduced Signs of Disease in a Mouse Model of Multiple Sclerosis
  • Ismael Perez: Singular perturbed system of linear differential equations
  • Philip Silva: Temporal order object recognition in rats following developmental alcohol exposure