Below are publications that have come from the Hovel lab at SDSU, dating back to 2004 when Hovel lab students began publishing papers from their graduate and undergraduate research. Publications in this list that include many authors are primarily products of our lab’s participation in the Zostera Experimental Network, a worldwide collaboration of researchers studying the ecology of eelgrass (Zostera marina) habitat. Student authors are denoted with an asterisk.

To get a good idea of the kind of projects completed by students in the Hovel Marine Conservation Ecology Lab, see publications in this list that begin with $, which came from SDSU graduate or undergraduate student projects.

Duffy, J.E.,  John J Stachowicz, Pamela L Reynolds, Kevin A Hovel, Marlene Jahnke, Erik E Sotka, Christoffer Boström, Katharyn E Boyer, Mathieu Cusson, Johan Eklöf, Aschwin H Engelen, Britas Klemens Eriksson, F Joel Fodrie, John N Griffin, Clara M Hereu, Masakazu Hori, A Randall Hughes, Mikhail V Ivanov, Pablo Jorgensen, Claudia Kruschel, Kun-Seop Lee, Jonathan S Lefcheck, Per-Olav Moksnes, Masahiro Nakaoka, Mary I O’Connor, Nessa E O’Connor, Robert J Orth, Bradley J Peterson, Henning Reiss, Katrin Reiss, J Paul Richardson, Francesca Rossi, Jennifer L Ruesink, Stewart T Schultz, Jonas Thormar, Fiona Tomas, Richard Unsworth, Erin Voigt, Matthew A Whalen, Shelby L Ziegler, Jeanine L Olsen 2022. A Pleistocene legacy structures variation in modern seagrass ecosystems. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119: e2121425119

*Beatty, D.S., L.R. Aoki, B. Rappazzo, *C. Bergman, L.K. Domke, J.E. Duffy, K. Dubois, G.L. Eckert, C. Gomes, O. Graham, L. Harper, D. Harvell, T.L. Hawthorne, M. Hessing-Lewis, K.A. Hovel, Z.L. Monteith, R.S. Mueller, A.M. Olson, C. Prentice, F. Tomas, B. Yang, and J.J. Stachowicz. 2022. Predictable changes in eelgrass microbiomes with increasing wasting disease prevalence across 23º latitude in the Northeastern Pacific. mSystems 7:

*Gross, C., J.E. Duffy, K.A. Hovel, M. Kardish, P. Reynolds, C. Boström, K. Boyer, M. Cusson, J. Eklöf, A. Engelen, K. Eriksson, J. Fodrie, J. Griffin, C. Hereu, M.Hori, A.R. Hughes, M. Ivanov, P. Jorgensen, C. Kruschel, K.S. Lee, J. Lefcheck, K. McGlathery , P.O. Moksnes, M. Nakaoka, M. O’Connor, N. O’Connor, J. Olsen, R.J. Orth, B. Peterson, H. Reiss, F. Rossi, J. Ruesink, E. Sotka, J. Thormar, F. Tomas, R. Unsworth, E. Voigt, M. Whalen, S. Ziegler, and J.J. Stachowicz. 2022. The biogeography of community assembly: latitude and predation drive variation in community trait distribution in a guild of epifaunal crustaceans. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 289: 20211762.

Aoki, L.R., B. Rappazzo, *D.S. Beatty, L.K. Domke ,G.L. Eckert, M.E. Eisenlord, O. Graham, L. Harper, T.L. Hawthorne , M. Hessing-Lewis, K.A. Hovel, Z.L. Monteith, R.S. Mueller, A.M. Olson, C. Prentice, J.J. Stachowicz, F. Tomas, B. Yang, J.E. Duffy, C. Gomes, and D. Harvell. 2022. Disease surveillance by artificial intelligence links eelgrass wasting disease to ocean warming across latitudes. Limnology and Oceanography.

Hovel, K.A., J.E. Duffy, J.J. Stachowicz, P. Reynolds, C. Boström, K. Boyer, S. Cimon, M. Cusson, F.J. Fodrie, K. Gagnon, C.M. Hereu, M. Hori, P. Jorgensen, C. Kruschel, K. Lee, M. Nakaoka, N.E. O’Connor, F. Rossi, J. Ruesink, F. Tomas, *S. Ziegler. 2021. Joint effects of patch edges and habitat degradation on faunal predation risk in a widespread marine foundation species. Ecology 102: e03316

*Giraldo-Ospina, A.G., L.B. Ladah, and K.A. Hovel. 2020. Changes in within-canopy environmental conditions and the population structure of the speckled scallop associated to localized loss of above-ground seagrass cover. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 534: 151486.

Whalen, M.A. et al. 2020. Climate drives the geography of marine consumption by changing predator communities. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117: 28160-28166; 66 total coauthors

*Hernán, G., M.J. Ortega, J. Henderson, J. Alos, K. Boyer, S. Cimon, V. Combes, M. Cusson, C. Hereu, M. Hessing-Lewis, K.A. Hovel, P. Jorgensen, S. Kiriakopolos, N. Kollars, M. O´Connor, J. Olsen, P.L. Reynolds, J. Ruesink, J. Terrados, E. Voigt, and F. Tomas. 2020. Influence of regional conditions on latitudinal patterns of plant defense traits in a marine foundation species. Global Ecology and Biogeography.

$ Jenkinson, R.S., K.A. Hovel, R.P. Dunn, M.S. Edwards. 2020. Biogeographical variation in the distribution, abundance, and interactions among key species on rocky reefs of the northeast Pacific. Marine Ecology Progress Series 648: 52-65.

$ Ledbetter, J. and K.A. Hovel. 2020. Effects of a habitat-modifying eelgrass epibiont on predator success and epifaunal survival. J. Experimental Biology and Ecology 526: 151333

$ Dunn R.P., and K.A. Hovel. 2020. Predator type influences the frequency of functional responses to prey in marine habitats. Biology Letters 16: 20190758.

$ Dunn, R.P. and K.A. Hovel. 2019. Experiments reveal limited top-down control of key herbivores in southern California kelp forests. Ecology 100(3):e02625.10.1002/ecy.2625

$ Dunn, R.P., A.H. Altieri, *K. Miller, *M.L. Yeager, and K.A. Hovel. 2018. Contrasting behavioral responses to predatory risk cues reflect different foraging strategies in two Caribbean sea urchins. Marine Ecology Progress Series 604: 187-198.

$ Voigt, E.P. and K.A. Hovel. 2018. Eelgrass structural complexity mediates mesograzer herbivory on epiphytic algae. Oecologia 189: 199-209.

*Röhr, M. E., M. Holmer, J.K. Baum, M.Björk, D. Chin, L. Chalifour, S. Cimon, M. Cusson, M. Dahl, D. Deyanova, J.E. Duffy, J.S. Eklöf, J.K. Geyer, J.N. Griffin, M. Gullstrom, C.M. Hereu, M. Hori, K.A. Hovel, A.R. Hughes, P. Jorgensen, S. Kiriakopolos, P.O. Moksnes, M. Nakaoka, M.I. O’Connor, B. Peterson, K. Reiss, P.L. Reynolds, F. Rossi, J. Ruesink, R. Santos, J.J. Stachowicz, F. Tomas, K.S. Lee, R.K.F. Unsworth, and C. Boström. 2018. Blue carbon storage capacity of temperate eelgrass (Zostera marina) meadows. Global Biogeochemical Cycles 32.

Freiwald, J., R. Myer, J. Caselle, C. Blanchette, K.A. Hovel, D. Neilson, J. Dugan, J. Alstatt, K. Nielsen, and J. Bursek. 2018. Citizen science monitoring of marine protected areas: case studies and recommendations for integration into monitoring programs. Marine Ecology 39:e12470.

Mahoney, R.D., M.D. Kenworthy, J.K. Geyer, K.A. Hovel, and F.J. Fodrie. 2018. Distribution and relative predation risk of nekton reveal complex edge effects within a temperate seagrass habitat. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 503: 52-59.

$ Dunn, R.P., M.L. Baskett, and K.A. Hovel. 2017. Interactive effects of predator and prey harvest on ecological resilience of rocky reefs. Ecological Applications 27: 1718-1730.

Reynolds, P.L., J.J. Stachowicz, K.A. Hovel, C. Boström, K. Boyer,  M. Cusson, J.S. Eklöf, F.G. Engel, A.H. Engelen, B.K. Eriksson, J. Fodrie, J.N. Griffin, C. Hereu, M. Hori, T. Hanley, M. Ivanov, P. Jorgensen, C. Kruschel, K.S. Lee, K. McGlathery, P.O. Moksnes, M. Nakaoka, F.T. Nash,  M.I. O’Connor, N. O’Connor, R.J. Orth, F. Rossi, J. Ruesink, E. Sotka, R.K.F. Unsworth, M.A. Whalen, and J. E. Duffy. 2017. Latitude, temperature and habitat complexity predict predation pressure in eelgrass across the Northern Hemisphere. Ecology 99: 29-35.

Ruesink, J.L., P.L. Reynolds, C. Boström, M. Cusson, J. Douglass, J. Eklöf, A. H. Engelen, M. Hori, K. Hovel, K. Iken, P.O. Moksnes, M. Nakaoka, M.I. O’Connor, J.L. Olsen, E.E. Sotka, J.J. Stachowicz, *M.A. Whalen, J.E. Duffy. In press. Global variation in form-function relationships in a marine foundation species and experimental tests of responses to multiple stressors. Oikos. DOI 10.1111/oik.04270

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$ Dunn, R.P., A.H. Altieri, *K. Miller, *M.E. Yeager, and K.A. Hovel. 2017. Coral identity and structural complexity drive habitat associations and demographic processes for an increasingly important Caribbean herbivore. Marine Ecology Progress Series 577: 33-47.

$ Hovel, K.A., **A.M. Warneke, **S.P. Virtue-Hilborn, and **A.E. Sanchez. 2016. Mesopredator foraging success in eelgrass (Zostera marina L.): relative effects of epiphytes, shoot density, and prey abundance. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 474: 142-147.

$ Castorani, M.C.N. and K.A. Hovel. 2016. Native predator chemical cues induce anti-predation behaviors in an invasive marine bivalve. Biological Invasions 18: 169-181.

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Duffy, J.E., P.L. Reynolds, C. Boström, J.A. Coyer, M. Cusson, S. Donadi, J.G. Douglass, J. Eklöf, A. Engelen, B.K. Eriksson, S. Fredriksen, L. Gamfeldt, C. Gustafsson, G. Hoarau, M. Hori, K.A. Hovel, K. Iken, J.S. Lefcheck, P.O. Moksnes, M. Nakaoka, M.I. O’Connor, J.L. Olsen, J.P. Richardson, J.L. Ruesink, E.E. Sotka, J. Thormar, M.A. Whalen, and J.J. Stachowicz. 2015. Biodiversity mediates top-down control in eelgrass ecosystems: A global comparative-experimental approach. Ecology Letters 18: 696-705.

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Publications from earlier projects (before Dr. Hovel joined San Diego State University)

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