Tonika Duren Green, Ph.D.

College of Education

Associate Professor

School Psychology


Dr. Green is Director of the School Psychology Program. She teaches courses in Counseling and Social Change, Counseling Intervention, Cognitive Assessment, School Crisis Prevention and Intervention, Practicum and Internship in Schools. Her research focuses on exploring and responding to issues of children and communities from ethnolinguistically diverse backgrounds.

Elizabeth Dinsdale, Ph.D.

College of Sciences

Assistant Professor

Department of Biology


Dr. Dinsdale‘s lab uses next-generation sequencing to tease apart ecological and evolutionary relationships within marine environments including on coral reefs and in kelp forest ecosystems. In addition, they have started to adopt this approach to studying the symbiotic microbes, or microbiome of Macrocystis pyrifer (Kelp) and several shark species.

Aaron Elkins, Ph.D.

Fowler College of Business

Assistant Professor

Department of Mangement Information Systems


Dr. Elkins is a leading researcher in the area of artificial intelligence and affective computing and specializes in building systems that combine physiological and behavioral sensors to predict emotion. His research looks at how computers can tell when people lie, how they can tell when people are feeling a certain way based on their voice or eyes or behaviors.