Allen Gontz Ph.D.

College of College

Professor of Quaternary Geology

Chair, Department of Geological Sciences

Dr. Gontz is a Quaternary Geomorphologist who specializes in understanding the evolution of coastal and fluvial systems through the application of shallow-earth geophysical systems and stratigraphic methods.

Ronald King, Ph.D.

College of Arts & Letters

Professor of Political Science

‘Profesor Onorific’ from Babes-Bolyai University in Romania

Political Science Department

Professor King’s (former Porteous Chair in Political Science) recent work analyzes democratization over the course of American political development, examining the effect of institutional rules upon the results achieved. His current project concerns the removal of the property qualification for voting.

Mahasweta Sarkar, Ph.D.

College of Engineering

Associate Professor

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Sarkar is a recipient of the President’s Leadership Award for Faculty Excellence. Her research interests are in the area of Wireless Data Networks. She is the director of the Wireless Networks Research Group and been instrumental in setting up the Wireless Multimedia Communication and Networks Laboratory.