William Welsh, Ph.D.

College of Sciences

Department of Astronomy Professor


William (Bill) Welsh is a Professor of Astronomy at San Diego State University, and a member of NASA’s Kepler Mission. He has been very involved in the study of circumbinary planets, and led the discovery of two planets, Kepler-34 and Kepler-35.

Laura Hall, Ph.D.

College of Education

Department of Special Education Professor and Chair


Laura J. Hall began her work as an educator working for the Princeton Child Development Institute shortly after graduation. The excellent training and coaching in the implementation of applied behavior analysis with learners with autism that she received from Drs. Krantz, McClannahan and Fenske inspired her to pursue further education. Under the supervision of Dr. Beth Sulzer-Azaroff she completed her dissertation focused on assisting parents of young children with disabilities incorporate educational activities into ongoing routines. It was meeting international students at UMass that fostered the realization about the importance of obtaining a global perspective.

Dr. Hall completed a post-doc position at the Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium in 1990. She then moved to Melbourne, Australia where she was a tenured faculty member in the Disability Studies Department at Deakin University until 1998.

Ilenia Battiato, Ph.D.

College of Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Assistant Professor


My research interests lie in theoretical/computational fluid mechanics and transport processes in crowded environments; multiscale, mesoscale and hybrid methods; effective medium theories; superhydrophobicity and drag reduction; granular matter; multiphase flows; jets breakup.

My research spans a wide range of scales, applications, and modeling techniques including discrete- and continuum-scale models of flow and transport processes in crowded environments (e.g., intracellular environment, carbon nanotube forests, mesoporous ultracapacitors), fluidization/jamming of granular matter, non-Newtonian jets, and effective medium theories of laminar/turbulent flows over complex surfaces (e.g., patterned and/or superhydrophobic surfaces for drag-reduction and shear control).

I tackle these problems with a combination of theoretical and computational approaches including multiscale and hybrid methods, effective medium theories, perturbation methods, homogenization and upscaling techniques.