Dr. Joseph Martin Waters

(aka Jozefius Vaatierz Rattus)

College of Professional Studies & Fine Arts

School of Music and Dance

Professor of Music, Composition; Composition Area Coordinator

Composer of acoustic, electro-acoustic and interdisciplinary works, Joseph Waters belongs to the first generation of classical composers that grew up playing in rock bands. These roots coalesce in an expansive aesthetic trajectory that explores connections between European-African hybrid genres such as drum & bass, metal, hip-hop, salsa, reggae, be-bop, ragtime, etc. with older strains such as Euro-centric classical and Gypsy music. Waters performs on laptop in SWARMIUS ensemble, with SDSU Professor SAXIMUS (aka Todd Rewoldt — classical saxophone) and a select group of world class virtuoso instrumentalists and singers. Together, the members of SWARMIUS humbly seek to create a hip classical music of the present, that combines the harmonic, contrapuntal and formal sophistication of the European masters with the rhythmic subtlety and complexity of the African masters. SWARMIUS performs Waters’ compositions throughout the world and has an music available on iTunes, Pandora, Amazon etc.

Dr. Randolph Philipp

College of Education, College of Sciences

Center for Research in Mathematics & Science Education


Professor of Mathematics Education

I grew up in the San Fernando Valley in California, where I earned a degree in mathematics and then a fifth year single-subject teaching credential in mathematics. I worked my way through college “busting tires” at Sears, and in my spare time I taught CPR courses for the American National Red Cross and I served as a Big Brother of Greater Los Angeles. I spent the next two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer teaching mathematics at a junior high school and in a teacher training institute in Liberia, West Africa, where, while out for a run one afternoon in the bush, I decided I enjoyed working with prospective teachers even though I did not know what I was doing. I decided then to pursue a graduate degree in mathematics education. I returned to the U.S. and taught mathematics in an inner-city Los Angeles high school and then in Canyon Country, north of Los Angeles. While teaching, I worked on an M.S. degree in mathematics at night and I also served on a crisis intervention help-line. Upon finishing my M.S. degree, I married, moved to Wisconsin, and studied for my doctorate under the direction of Tom Carpenter.

Dr. Radmila Prislin

Academic Affairs

Associate Vice President, Resource Management

Professor of Psychology

Her basic research is concerned with social influence, especially social influence exerted by minorities and its effects on group dynamics. The overarching goal in this line of research is to understand how groups can capitalize on the intellectual potential of diversity while successfully managing social challenges associated with it. Her work on this topic has appeared in some of the premier outlets in the field. She has been invited to present her research findings at professional meetings, universities, and government agencies in the USA, Australia, and Europe. Radmila Prislin’s applied research is concerned with psychological and environmental factors affecting heath behavior. Her research has been funded by National Science Foundation, World Health Organization, Texas Department of Health, and the Leverhulme Trust (United Kingdom). Her publication record includes over 70 refereed articles and 3 scholarly books. She has served on editorial boards of major journals in social psychology in the USA and Europe and currently serves as editor of the European Journal of Social Psychology. She also has served on review panels for National Science Foundation, National Institute of Drug Abuse, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada., and the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research.