DeNoble, Alex / Welter, Stephen C
Defense Preparedness Support Initiative OASD-CCAT Project
NAVMAR Applied Sciences Corporation
Interdisciplinary Programs – Management

Friend, Margaret
Investigating Lexical Structure in Monolingual and Bilingual Spanish-Speaking Children in the U.S. – S. De Anda
DHHS National Inst of Child Health and Human Development
College of Sciences – Psychology

Greiner, Philip A / Madanat, Hala / Tucker-Tatlow, Jennifer / Min, Jong Won
San Diego/Imperial Geriatric Education Center
DHHS Bureau of Health Professions Research
College of Health & Human Services – Nursing

Hall, Laura / Kraemer, Bonnie
The Center for Secondary Education for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (CSESA)
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
College of Education – Special Education

Holcomb, Phillip J
Investigating the Neural Dynamics of Single-Word Reading in Deaf Readers – Fellowship L. Schwarz-Glezer
DHHS National Inst on Deafness/Other Communication Disorders
College of Sciences – Psychology

Hovell, Melbourne
Women, Infants and Children
California Department of Health Services
College of Health & Human Services – Graduate School of Public Health

Lai, Chun-Ta
Analysis of CO2 Mixing Ratio Data from Forest Service Climate Tower Network
USDA Forest Service
College of Sciences – Biology

Lee, Gordon / Frost, Eric G / Crockett, John
Theoretical Analysis , Exploratory Studies, and Technical Services-Environmental Research for Microbial Fuel Cell Improvement (Task 1)
DOD Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command
Interdisciplinary Programs – Electrical & Computer Engineering

Park, Cynthia
Upward Bound Classic
DED Office of Postsecondary Education
College of Education – Teacher Education

Pierucci, Mauro
University of Pisa Italy Students at SDSU
University of Pisa Italy
College of Engineering – Aerospace

Sax, Caren
South Carolina Commission for the Blind (SCCB) Comprehensive Statewide Needs Assessment
South Carolina Commission for the Blind
College of Education – Administration, Rehabilitation, and Post-Secondary Education

Sax, Caren
Washington VR Technical Assistant and Training
Washington State Department of Social and Health Services
College of Education – Administration, Rehabilitation, and Post-Secondary Education

Weersing, Vanessa Robin / Amir, Nader
Effectiveness Trial of Cognitive Bias Modifications (CBM) for Adolescent Anxiety
Kaiser Foundation Research Institute
College of Sciences – Psychology