Bailey, Barbara
NSF STATMOS Travel Request – Colette Smirniotis
University of Washington
College of Sciences – Math and Statistics

Bernstein, Sanford
Structural and Biochemical Mechanisms of Myosin-induced Dilated Cardiomyopathy – A. Trujillo
DHHS National Heart Lung and Blood Institute
College of Sciences – Biology

Elder, John
Quantifying Heterogeneities in Dengue Virus Transmission Dynamics
University of California at Davis
College of Health & Human Services – Graduate School of Public Health

Friend, Margaret
Investigating Lexical Structure in Monolingual and Bilingual Spanish-Speaking Children in the U.S.  – S. De Anda
DHHS National Inst of Child Health and Human Development
College of Sciences – Psychology

Hanan, Barry
Collaborative Research: Constraining the Temporal Evolution of Mantle Plume Contributions to Magmatism in the Turkana Depression
NSF Directorate of Geosciences
College of Sciences – Geological Science

Harris, Frederick J
Spiral Polynomial Division Multiplexing (SPDM)
Astrapi Corporation
College of Engineering – Office of the Dean

Johnson, Joseph F
School in the Park Aide
Price Family Charitable Fund
College of Education – Office of the Dean

Kiene, Susan M
Enhanced Linkage to HIV Care Following Home-Based HIV Testing in Rural Uganda
DHHS National Institute of Mental Health
College of Health & Human Services – Graduate School of Public Health

Longstreth, Sascha L
San Diego CARES Program
YMCA of San Diego County
College of Education – Child and Family Development

Mobley, Alan C  
Project Rebound
University of California at San Francisco
College of PSFA – School Public Affairs

Moon, Kee
International Academic Cooperation Program
Kagoshima University
College of Engineering – Mechanical Engineering

Moore, Eileen
Utility of Olfactory Function Measures in Children with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure
DHHS National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
College of Sciences – Psychology

Shen, Samuel
STATMOS Postdoctoral Fellow Award – Dr. Tong
University of Washington
College of Sciences – Math and Statistics

Valafar, Faramarz
Evolutionary and Functional Significance of Novel Mutations in MDR-XDR TB
DHHS National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
College of Sciences – Office of the Dean

Zink, Thomas A
Development and Implementation of Eradication and Monitoring Methodologies of the Argentine Ant (Linepithema Humile) on Naval Base Coronado, Naval Auxiliary Landing Field, San Clemente Island, CA
DOD Naval Facilities Engineering Command
College of Sciences – Biology