Blashill, Aaron
Body Image and Self-Care in HIV-Infected MSM
DHHS National Institute of Mental Health
College of Sciences – Psychology

Braje, Todd J / Maloney, Jillian M / Anderson, Todd W
Archaeological and Biological Assessment of Submerged Landforms in the Pacific Coast
US Department of Interior
Interdisciplinary Programs – Anthropology, Geological Sciences, Biology

Edwards, Robert
Bacteriophage Genome Finishing and Phage Annotation Toolkit Evaluator (PhATE I) Development
DOE Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
College of Sciences – Computer Science

Emmorey, Karen
Language, Modality and the Brain
DHHS National Inst on Deafness/Other Communication Disorders
College of Health & Human Services – Speech Language & Hearing Sciences

Gallo, Linda
Study of Latinos-Investigation of Neurocognitive Aging (SOL-INCA)
Michigan State University
College of Sciences – Psychology

Greiner, Philip A / Madanat, Hala / Tucker-Tatlow, Jennifer / Min, Jong Won
Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Program
DHHS Health Resources and Services Administration
College of Health & Human Services – Nursing, Graduate School of Public Health, Social Work

Hoh, Eunha
Suspect Screening and Non-Targeted Analysis of Complex Mixtures
Environmental Protection Agency
College of Health & Human Services – Graduate School of Public Health

Johnson, Joseph F
City Heights Educational Collaborative-Rosa Parks & Monroe Clark Social Work Programs
Price Family Charitable Fund
College of Education – Office of the Dean

Miller, Fletcher
Hybrid Solar Converter with Integrated Thermal Storage
University of San Diego
College of Engineering – Mechanical Engineering

Pruitt, Sonja
City Heights Educational Collaborative – Pilot Project for Preschool Intervention at Rosa Parks Elementary School
Price Family Charitable Fund
College of Health & Human Services – Speech Language & Hearing Sciences

Seshagiri, Sridhar / Ozturk, Yusuf
Solar Training and Education for Professionals (STEP)
University of Central Florida
College of Engineering – Electrical & Computer Engineering

Stumph, William
Arne N. Wick Predoctoral Research Fellowship of Spencer Swarts
California Metabolic Research Foundation
College of Sciences – Chemistry & Biochemistry

Woodruff, Susan
Driving Under the Influence Program (DUIP)
San Diego County Alcohol and Drug Services
College of Health & Human Services – Social Work