Hoh, Eunha
PAHs: New Technologies and Emerging Health Risks
Oregon State University
College of Health and Human Services – Graduate School of Public Health

Holcomb, Phillip J / Midgley, Katherine
The Neuro-Cognition of Word Comprehension
DHHS National Inst of Child Health and Human Development
College of Sciences – Psychology

Huxford, Tom
X-Ray Crystallography of InhibRx antibody complexes
College of Sciences – Chemistry and Biochemistry

Lewison, Rebecca / Deutschman, Douglas
Task Order 4: Butterfly and Feral Pig Monitoring
San Diego Association of Governments
College of Sciences – Biology

Lyman-Hager, Mary Ann
2017 STARTALK Infrastructure Building Project – Swahili Language
DOD National Security Agency
College of Arts and Letters – Office of the Dean

Mi, Chunting C
High Power Wireless Charging System
Argonne National Laboratory
College of Engineering – Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mueller, Ralph Axel
Integrity and Dynamic Processing Efficiency of Networks in ASD
DHHS National Institute of Mental Health
College of Sciences – Psychology

Ritblatt, Shulamit
Professional Development Institute, Allies for Achievement
Hemet Unified School District
College of Education – Child and Family Development

Sussman, Mark
Enhanced Myocardial Repair with CardioClusters and CardioChimeras
DHHS National Heart Lung and Blood Institute
College of Sciences – Biology

Tong, William
Nonlinear Laser Wave Mixing for Trace Detection of Explosives
Audentia, Inc.
College of Sciences – Chemistry and Biochemistry

Wang, Wei / Sohraby, Kazem A
NeTS: Small: Collaborative Research: Cross Layer Exploration of Position-Value Diversity for Energy Constrained Wireless Multimedia
NSF Dir for Computer and Information Science and Engineering
College of Sciences – Computer Science

Wiggins, Jillian L
Pathways of Risk and Resilience: Neural Predictors of Irritability in At-Risk Offspring of Mothers with Depression
University of California at San Diego
College of Sciences – Psychology