Lyman-Hager, Mary Ann / Brown, Christopher P
Dari and Persian Infrastructure Building Project
DOD National Security Agency
College of Arts & Letters – Office of the Dean

Mi, Chunting C
GATE Center for Electric Drive Transportation
University of Michigan
College of Engineering – Electrical & Computer Engineering

Mills, Alyson
How Poverty Impacts Brain and Language Development: Understanding the Vocabulary Gap
University of Texas Dallas
College of Health & Human Services – Speech Language & Hearing Sciences

Mueller, Ralph Axel
Integrity and Dynamic Processing Efficiency of Networks in ASD
DHHS National Institute of Mental Health
College of Sciences – Psychology

Santa Cruz, Rafaela
San Diego Mathematics Project
San Diego State University
College of Education – Teacher Education

Talavera, Gregory
Latinos Understanding the Need for Adherence in Diabetes (LUNA-D)
DHHS National Institute of Nursing Research
College of Health & Human Services – Graduate School of Public Health