Buono, Michael
Does Local Hand Heating and Negative Pressure Decrease Blood Viscosity?
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College of Health & Human Services – Exercise & Nutritional Sciences

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Comprehensive Multispecies Connectivity Assessment and Planning: Highway 67 Region
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College of Sciences – Biology

Lindsay, Suzanne
Homeless Indicators for Systems Improvement Technical Assistance
Regional Task Force on the Homeless
College of Health & Human Services – Graduate School of Public Health

Malcarne, Vanessa
Creating Scientists to Address Cancer Disparities Program
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College of Sciences – Psychology

Roesch, Scott
Effectiveness and Implementation of a Mental Health Intervention for ASD
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College of Sciences – Psychology

Shikuma, Nicholas
The Role of Phage Tail-Like Structures in Tubeworm Metamorphosis
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College of Sciences – Biology

Sussman, Mark
Cardioprotection By Optimizing mTOR Activity
DHHS National Heart Lung and Blood Institute
College of Sciences – Biology

Xu, Xiaofeng
Data-Model Integration for CH4 Flux in Temperate and Arctic Regions
DOE Oak Ridge National Laboratory
College of Sciences – Biology