Buhi, Eric R
Sexual and Reproductive Health for Latina Adolescents
University of Michigan
College of Health and Human Services – Graduate School of Public Health

Ghanipoor-Machiani, Sahar
National Safety University Transportation Center
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
College of Engineering – Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

Honea, Heather
3M Frontline Sales Conference
College of Business Administration – Marketing

Kalyuzhnaya, Marina
Intrexon Training Grant
Intrexon Corporation
College of Sciences – Biology

Medina, Monica
Health Care Policy Reporting 2017
California HealthCare Foundation
KPBS – Grant Funds – KPBS General Restricted (Grant) Funds

Philipp, Randolph
FEDCO Teacher Program
California Community Foundation
College of Education – Teacher Education

Rentto, Jessica C
SDSU Campus Sexual Response Program
California Office of Emergency Services
Business and Financial Affairs – Center for Human Resources

Santa Cruz, Rafaela
San Diego Mathematics Project
San Diego State University
College of Education – Teacher Education

Zink, Thomas A
Rancho Jamul Grass Farm Project
California Department of Fish and Wildlife
College of Sciences – Biology