Beyene, Asfaw
Industrial Assessment Center
US Department of Energy
College of Engineering – Mechanical Engineering

Glembotski, Christopher
ATF6 and the Adaptive ER Stress Response in the Ischemic Heart – J. Jin
American Heart Association
College of Sciences – Biology

Holland, Gregory P
Spider’s Silk: From Protein-Rich Gland Fluids to Diverse Biopolymer Fibers
US Department of Defense
College of Sciences – Chemistry & Biochemistry

Kelley, Scott
Mechanistic Modeling of Microbial Metabolic Succession in the Built Environment
University of Chicago
College of Sciences – Biology

Moon, Kee
Winter Program in SDSU
Sejong University South Korea
College of Engineering – Mechanical Engineering

Muller, Ralph Axel
The Autistic Brain Over 45: The Anatomic, Functional, and Cognitive Phenotype
DHHS National Institute of Mental Health
College of Sciences – Psychology

Ritblatt, Shulamit
Family Engagement Training
Orange Unified School District
College of Education – Child and Family Development

Walsh, Kenneth / Enwemeka, Chukuka
Georgia Regional Development Fund (GRDF): STEM Support & Student Life Activ
Millenium Challenge Account – Georgia
Interdisciplinary Programs – Civil Construction & Environmental Engineering