Peter Atterton, Ph.D.

College of Arts and Letters


Department of Philosophy

Dr. Peter Atterton is a professor of philosophy and associate dean of the College of Arts and Letters. His primary area of specialization is continental philosophy and animal philosophy.

Ralph-Axel Müller, Ph.D.

College of Sciences


Department of Psychology

Neuroscientist Ralph-Axel Müller is a professor of psychology and directs the Brain Development Imaging Lab. His research focuses on brain connectivity in Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Eric Walsh-Buhi, Ph.D.

College of Health & Human Services

Associate Professor

Division of Health Promotion and Behavioral Science

Dr. Eric Walsh-Buhi is an associate professor in the Graduate School of Public Health. He is affiliated with SDSU’s Center for Human Dynamics in the Mobile Age and Institute for Behavioral and Community health. Dr. Walsh-Buhi’s research interests include sexual behavior and health, teenage pregnancy, and adolescent health.