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     My research is in computational quantum mechanics of many-body systems. Most of the work is on atomic nuclei, although we also do work on the electronic structure of atoms, atoms in plasmas, cold atoms in a trap, and neutrino astrophysics. In addition, most of our work uses the BIGSTICK shell model code.

     Much of our work involves high performance computing at national labs and national supercomputing facilities, and many of my students do part of their research at national labs; several have gone on to permanent positions at national labs. I work closely with physicists  at Lawrence Livermore (W. Erich Ormand and S. Quaglioni and their postdocs) and at Lawrence Berkeley (Wick Haxton and his students) National Labs, have  ties to Los Alamos National Lab,  Oak Ridge National Lab, Argonne National Lab, and the Institute for Nuclear Theory at the University of Washington.  Because of this, most of my funding comes from the U. S. Department of Energy, which funds those institutions; since coming to SDSU in 2002 I have received over $1.5 million in external funding, mostly supporting students.

    One of the advantages of being a physicist is having colleagues and friends across the globe. In carrying out my research and reporting on it, I have traveled to Italy, Germany, France, Romania, Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, and elsewhere.

   What does a computational quantum mechanic do?

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