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Intermediate Computational Physics

These links provide some useful introduction to computational physics, including Linux, Fortran, and algorithms. These are only an introduction.

Basic Linux commands 

 Need to learn Fortran? Any textbook will do, but if you want recommendations, try either Structured Fortran 77 for Engineers and Scientists, 5th edition, Delores M. Etter, or these postscript notes on Fortran by Clive Page of the University of Leicester.

Fortran 90 tutorial from Stanford

Fortran 90 introduction

Advanced Fortran 90

A list of Fortran tutorials

Hints on installing Fortran and other tools on Macs

Sample FORTRAN programs

Compiling FORTRAN programs (including makefiles)

Some FORTRAN intrinsic functions

Logical relations and operations in FORTRAN

"Redirection" of input and output  and simple timing + advanced timing

Practice problems for FORTRAN

Hints on organizing and commenting your program

Hints on debugging

 Sample programs for computational algorithms (current semester)

Netlib repository of "canned" routines (very useful)

NEW: Super-brief introduction to parallel computing


A brief introduction to Grace graphing program

Recommended resource books on COMPUTATIONAL physics:

* Numerical Recipes (in Fortran, also in C), Press et al

Fortran version available on-line here

* Computational Physics, Koonin and Meredith

* Fortran 77 textbook used for PHYS 580: Structured Fortran 77 for Engineers and Scientists, 5th edition, Delores M. Etter

* Recommended Fortran 90 textbook: Upgrading to Fortran 90, Cooper Redwine (assumes you are fluent in Fortran 77)


Last updated August 6, 2018