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lecturer and class of students

Milan guest lecturer Dr. Paolo Riva talks to students on “The Many Faces of Social Exclusion.”


red umbrella and Milan Cathedral

Milan Cathedral (Duomo di Milano)  Construction began in 1386; it took nearly six centuries to complete.

lecturer and class

Milan guest lecturer Dr. Alessandro Gabbiardini discusses “Immoral and Violent Video Games.”

2 girls on artistic stack of paper

What to do with old term papers?  Karina Cassillas (left) and Meli Sarkissian at the Pirelli Hangar Bicocca in Milan  The extensive exhibition Architecture as Art, curated by Pierluigi Nicolin,  was squeezed into a lunch hour.  That’s some creative time management, Dr. Devos!


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Jetlagged but jump-started with gelato: The Psychology 344/Psy 442 course “Thriving on Diversity: Exploring Multiculturalism in Italy and Switzerland” is now in full swing.

group of students w sdsu pennant
Front and center is none other than Dr. Lara Bellardita (SDSU Psychology Master’s program alumna and Milan resident) who shared her perspectives as an I/O and health psychologist during the first day of the course.

The students participating in the 2016 course are: Dre-Anna Anderson, Karina Casillas, Lucinda Curry, Laurel Davies, Shaylynn Fox, Kelsey Goldman, Victoria Hernandez, Christina McKoane, Sonyda Nep, Melissa Pierce, Megan Puga, Alexis Rodriguez, Meghri Sarkissian, Paul Scott, Hailey Seibel, Elana Selitsky, Sydney Todd, Rahwa Weldeselase, and Stella Wu.

The 3 unit course is being led by SDSU Psychology professor Dr. Thierry Devos, who has strong collegial connections with Universita degli Studi di Milano Bicocca in Italy, and the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. The 19 SDSU participants will study at both universities.

This program focuses on the psycho-social dynamics coming into play in diverse and multicultural settings. During the two week program, participants will be exposed to a variety of relevant research topics, and will interact with international experts.


Mapping and understanding cultural variations
Cultural change and inertia
Cultural perspectives on morality, ethics and justice
Prejudices in multicultural settings
Multicultural minds: cognition, perception and reasoning
Multicultural self: Cognitive and motivational process
Interpersonal Relations and Group Processes in Diverse Contexts
Experiencing and Managing Diversity

Field excursions: Italy – day trip by train to Venice. Switzerland – alpine villages, with a component of cheese making and chocolate crafting.

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