Xiamen, China – Global Climate Change and Vulnerability

Xiamen, China – Global Climate Change and Vulnerability

Please note: this course is not being offered in Summer 2018.

Summer 2015 – College of Sciences at the National Park of Strand and Volcano of Zhangzhou, China. Upper left to right: Shane Wells, Zach Arcio, Camille Paderes Cuyugan, Phevee Paderes, Claire Cecilia, Vannesa Salazar, Cora Bercasio, Kateri Wojcik; Eddie Garcia at lower left.

Xiamen, China – Global Climate Change and Vulnerability

2017 Course

Price:  $1,438

July 2 – 15, 20117

Course Credit:  3 units Sci 596

Video: Scenery of Xiamen.


girl photographing another student who is drenched in sea spray

Coastal Volcano National Geologic Park of ZhangZhou


Dr. Samuel Shen

Dr. Samuel Shen, SDSU Mathematics, one of the Xiamen program co-leaders.

The summer program on “Global Climate Change and Vulnerabilities” is jointly organized by Xiamen University, SDSU, Fujian Normal University and Taiway Ilan

University.  The program is designed primarily for university undergraduate students studying biology, environmental science, or any sciences student interested in China.

Summer 2017 will be the sixth faculty-led trip to Xiamen.

 Faculty Leaders

Dr. Samuel Shen, Mathematics, SDSU

Dr. Chun-Ta Lai, Biology, SDSU

Dr. Qiao-quo Tan, Environmental Science and Engineering, Xiamen University, China.

Dr. Chun Ta Lai

Dr. Chun-Ta Lai, Professor of Biology and Faculty co-leader

Lecture Topics:

  • Global climate change
  • Quantitative assessment and prediction of climate change
  • Environmental proxies for paleoclimate reconstruction, paleoclimate records and abrupt climate change
    Tidepools and SDSU students

    Students on the hunt for intertidal life; Coastal Volcano National Geologic Park of ZhangZhou; Xiamen, Summer 2015





  • Effects of ocean acidification on mariene primary producers under the sun
  • Mangroves as an index to study environmental vulnerability for coastal wetland ecosystem
  • Contamination of organotin compounds in coastal environments
  • Nitrogen fixation in the oceans
  • The control strategies of global warming gases in semiconductor plant
Cityscape Xiamen night

Xiamen, night

great tandem bike with guy at back

Field Studies

Field studies include excursions to National Geologic Park of Strand, the Volcano of Zhangzhou, and Xiamen Wanshi Botanical Park.

  • multi ethnic group of students at table
  • family meal with multi ethnic group
  • Teacher instructs students around table on Chinese pronunciation
  • girl hugging another girl
  • Xiamen, night, skyline reflected in river
  • thousands of young people at Concert. Xiamen
  • Xiamen fish market with local vendor in red apron
  • students on bleachers with red roofs of Xiamen university
  • student group at restaurant
  • group of students in front of ocean
  • group of students in front of Chinese temple