Apply to SDSU-Georgia Exchange Program for Fall 2018

Apply to SDSU-Georgia Exchange Program for Fall 2018

Apply to The SDSU Georgia Exchange Program for Fall 2018

Applications due February 20, 2018

Apply here.

Why study in SDSU-Georgia?

What makes SDSU Georgia unique among exchange experiences is that the courses being taught are actual SDSU courses. Like our diverse faculty at the San Diego campus, the faculty at SDSU Georgia are partly from Georgia, and partly from other countries. Students who pursue a degree at SDSU Georgia receive a U.S. bachelors degree from SDSU.  Unlike other international coursework, pre-approval of courses is not necessary since the courses are actual SDSU courses. Georgian and international Students receive an SDSU diploma upon graduation.  Students at SDSU Georgia also have the opportunity to do an international semester in San Diego.


map of georgia

The Republic of Georgia is located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe.  It is bound to the west by the Black Sea,  to the north by Russia, to the south by Turkey and Armenia, and to the southeast by Azerbaijan.  The Georgia SDSU program is located in  Tbilisi, the nation’s capital and country’s largest city. All courses at SDSU Georgia are conducted in English.  San Diego exchange participants will take courses in English side by side with their Georgian colleagues, and with international students from around the world.  In an unprecedented move, as part of the pioneer cohort in Fall of 2016, participants in the Georgian exchange in Tbilisi will receive both housing and a meal allowance.



Cave complex of Vardvisia

Explore the ancient cave complex of Vardvisia

students around a square table

Students from San Diego enjoy socializing with Georgian students in Tbilisi, September 2016.


Average student costs:  SDSU-Georgia estimates an average of $150/month for food, $350/month for rent.

View an video interviewing our 2016 San Diego students who spent Fall 2016 in republic of Georgia here.  Students discuss life in Georgia, classes, the people, culture, professors, making friends, weekends, food and recommendations for students considering the program (spoiler alert: they all say JUST DO IT!) here

Read a November 2016 blog and photos by Chemistry major Taylor Inouye studying in Georgia,  here.

Read a September 2016 blog and view photos by SDSU Astronomy Major Gonzalo Tucker,  here.

View a video about the wonders of Georgia’s naturehere.

Read an article and view photos about the first few weeks of the Georgia Exchange by Maureen Crawford here.


students on bridge



Temo Nikolaishvili on top of rock



pedestrian parkway, benches and trees

Rustaveli Avenue, Tbilisi

stone Fortress above old town

The Narikala Fortress has overlooked the city of Tbilisi since the 4th century.

Exploring Tbilisi and surroundings

Georgia is very well known in Europe, but in not North American – not so much.  It is a popular destination for adventurers and international students who love fantastic food, beautiful scenery, historic sites, and down-to-earth warmth and hospitality.  The capital city of Tbilisi is elegant and welcoming, a bustling metropolis that is a feast for the senses.   International students, Georgian students and locals make at least one daily pilgrimage to their favorite bakery to indulge in their favorite local bread – hot from the oven. Whether meandering through the little streets and cafes of old town of Tbilisi, exploring the commanding Narikala Fortress,  or taking a walk down  Rustaveli Avenue to Freedom Square, Tbilisi offers an intriguing mix of  tradition, culture, architecture and history.   The country is an adventurer’s paradise, with hiking, river rafting, snow skiing, and Day trip possibilities include a trip to the beaches of the black sea (shh… Eurasian secret), ancient and beautiful Georgian Orthodox churches, Sveti Tskhoveli in Mtskheta, and the ancient cave monastery of Davit Gareja.  Centrally located within Eurasia, Tblisi airlines connect directly to London, Italy, Amsterdam, Paris, Croatia, Moscow, Spain and many other destinations for  weekend/holiday adventures.

hiking on path in mountains

Georgia: Trekker’s heaven  (Shhh Georgia is Europe’s big secret for low cost holidays in beautiful scenery)

Georgian kabobs, sauces and bread

Georgian kabobs, fresh off the grill, with sauces and the traditional bread.


people singing around a table full of Georgian food

Georgians have taken the art of toasting (one’s friends, family, city, country, employers, teachers, ancestors, land, grapes, relatives) to a new level. The “Tamada,” a selected honored guest, makes elaborate toasts and keeps the fun rolling.  Toasts are interspersed with eating, singing, dancing, games and friendly competitions. “Every guest is a God-send,” according to a Georgian proverb.

Singing and dancing Georgian style around laden table

The supra – Singing, dancing, feasting and toasting Georgian style

Georgians are notorious for their warmth, hospitality and food, three compelling reasons to read Sara Freeman’s article about why to study in the Republic of Georgia. Be forewarned: families will toast guests all night long, and will not stop bringing plates of food. Ever.  Adventurers who enjoy strapping on hiking boots will appreciate the fantastic trekking opportunities in the wild and rugged Caucusus mountains.

Party of guests doing line dance in the vineyard

Supras can be held for birthdays, weddings, holidays and to celebrate an honored guest. They can be elaborate or simple, and always contain the elements of wine, toasts, laughter, games, singing and dancing.

Interior of Georgian Orthodox stone church

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, Mtskheta, Georgia.

cheese in boat shaped bread.

Khachapuri – Hot from the oven. Every bakery makes these delicious, traditional Georgian cheese breads. Aromas wafting out of bakeries onto the street are intoxicating – resistance is futile.

Tblisi State University

The SDSU-Georgia Program is located at Tblisi State University (Chemistry and non-Engineering courses) and Ilia University (Engineering Courses) in Tbilisi.


We estimate housing to cost approximately $350/month; food to be $150/month.


Prospective STEM employers will take note that:

• You had the pioneering spirit to select a non-traditional location
• You studied substantial subjects in your professional field rather than easier electives while abroad
• You have demonstrated experience collaborating with international faculty and students within your scientific field
• You were selected to participate in the very first cohort of its kind in the history of San Diego State University.

The ideal candidate

While just about all students are itching for an adventure, not every student is interested in studying abroad in traditional locations such as London, Sydney or Rome. Likewise, some students may think about studying abroad, but don’t know how they could swing it financially.

This exchange program is ideal for a Chemistry/Biochemistry, Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering student who will use this extraordinary funded opportunity as a springboard – to deepen the understanding of international collaboration, to specifically broaden scientific understanding in an international arena, and to take advantage of the beautiful countryside and incredible benefits of the welcoming Georgian culture.   The ideal candidate would probably be more excited about singing, dancing and feasting rather than checking into a 5 star resort hotel.    Those students who would be a good match would prefer to come across a vineyard rather than to come across a mall, and would likely lean towards enjoying dinner around a congenial family table rather than being seated at a formal, upscale restaurant. (although there are many elegant venues in Tblisi).  Georgians are open and friendly people who are proud of their heritage and crazy about enjoying life.   Participants in the Georgia program will be embraced by the openness, warmth, hospitality of the Georgian people, whose most treasured proverb is “Every guest is a God-send.” This experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the right Chemistry students. If you are interested, we invite you to apply.


For assistance with the application process, please see Ms. Ine Williams in the SDSU Study Abroad office in the International Student Center. Email:  For additional information, please contact Dr. Nancy Marlin at


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