Fearless – Mexican American Sciences Abroad

latino students overlooking city in Europe

The prospect of studying abroad for most students can be unnerving.  For close knit Mexican American families it can be an even greater challenge. Miriam Castañón, Director of Student Affairs at IVC, is working to ensure that her students can study abroad. Castañón said the overwhelming majority of students at IVC come from close-knit Mexican-American families, where young adults are often encouraged – even expected – to stay at home. That means study abroad is a first chance to both experience another culture and taste independence.

“Studying abroad opens the world to them,” Castañón said. “Providing them with these opportunities exposes them to other cultures and languages and makes their academic experience more diverse.

girl and boy in "Venezia" hats

IVC Psychology major Hector Teran, right, exploring Venice.  “I feel more fearless,” he said, after having studied abroad.

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