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OUTBOUND For outgoing SDSUstudents/faculty interested in study abroad


SDSU Study Abroad Office.  This office is  “Information Central” for SDSU students wishing to study abroad.   This office is staffed with advisors for SDSU students who are interested in studying abroad.  The study abroad office manages the searchable database “Aztecs Abroad” that describes every SDSU approved study abroad  program available to students.  This office also co-manages the “Be International” website which features the “Be International” student blogs.

Phone: (619) 594-2475
Location: International Student Center Campus, corner of Canyon Crest Drive and 55th Street, near PS 4.

International Coordinator, College of Sciences.  Maureen Crawford (that’s me, the voice behind this website).  I work with College of Sciences students  who are interested in studying abroad.  I help guide students at any point in the study abroad process,  and love to talk with students about scholarships.  I also work with College of Extended studies to lend support to our College of Sciences’ faculty led programs.   I am happy to meet with you!

Phone: 619 594-1813
Location: GMCS 604

Office of International Programs.    The Office of International Programs (OIP), provides a full range of services to SDSU faculty, staff and the University community. Faculty members wishing to lead a study abroad program, develop an international exchange or cooperative agreement, or seek funding to develop an international program are encouraged to contact OIP for assistance.

Phone: (619) 594-0938
Location: Arts and Letters (AL) 173

Faculty Led Programs – College of Extended Studies.    Once a faculty led program is approved (through a campus-wide committee led by the Office of International Programs) faculty work with the College of Sciences International Coordinator, and with the College of Extended Studies, to coordinate the specifics of the program. Faculty-Led Programs are included in the Aztecs Abroad database.  

Phone: (619) 594-9400
Location: Aztec Mesa 110

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IN-BOUND For incoming students/faculty from other countries

SDSU International Student Office at International Student Center.  This office primarily supports International students from other countries who are studying at SDSU.

Phone: (619) 594-1982
Location: in the International Student Center Campus, at the corner of Canyon Crest Drive and 55th Street, near PS 4.

College of Sciences student and faculty Visiting Scholar/J1 Visa Coordinator:  Bettyann Bernhardt, Administrative Analyst

Phone: 619 594 6521
Location: GMCS 604