Myths and Facts – STEM study abroad

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Myth:  I can’t work study abroad into my curriculum and graduate on time.

Fact:  STEM students, at any level, can study abroad and take advantage of a variety of science offerings. If you don’t want to do a semester abroad, consider a short faculty led program – 2 – 4 weeks abroad during the summer or winter break.  With sufficient planning, your coursework will transfer for credit and you can graduate on time.  Consider one of our science-strong exchange programs.  The College of Sciences has identified several international universities with comprehensive curricula and extensive science offerings.  Planning: as soon as you think you might want to study abroad, attend an information session at the International Student Center. Consult the  International Student Center calendar for dates/times.   Apply for a first-time passport here or renew your passport here


Myth:  I can’t afford to study abroad.

Fact:  You can study abroad for the same price as attending SDSU.  For example,  with SDSU Exchange programs, you study overseas but your normal tuition and fees is paid directly to SDSU.  You could actually save money if you study in a country where the cost of living is lower.   If you receive financial aid, you can use your financial aid for approved semester and year long programs; speak with your financial aid adviser for details.    Scholarships are available! 


Myth:  I need a foreign language to study in another country.

Fact:  Many universities in non-English speaking countries offer coursework in English… and that number is growing.  SDSU’s partner institutions offer a vast array of courses taught in English for STEM students.  Time permitting, we do suggest students take a language class while studying in areas where English is not the native language.  Nothing immerses you better, or opens doors and hearts, like connecting with the locals in the native language.    


Would you like to meet with the College of Sciences International Coordinator?  Email me for an appointment – Maureen Crawford,