How Volcanoes Work

 Planetary Mozaic


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1.  Images obtained from the Voyager and Galileo Missions have now identified a total of __ active volcanic plumes erupting from Io. An example is one is shown here.
a) 1  
b) 3  
c) 5  
d) 10  
e) 15  
2.  Which of the following is the oldest type of crustal terrain on the Earth's moon.
a) Lunar lowlands  
b) Lunar highlands  
c) Lunar maria  
d) Volcanic domes  
e) Sinuous rilles  
3.  Pancake domes can be found on the surface of ________.
a) Mars  
b) The Earth's moon  
c) Venus  
d) Io  
e) all the above  
4.  Which of the following landforms are typically found on lunar maria.
a) Paterae  
b) Tholi  
c) Arachnoids  
d) Coronae  
e) Sinuous Rilles  
5.  Whereas lunar maria are composed of basaltic lava, the lunar highlands are composed of __________.
a) rhyolite  
b) andesite  
c) breccia  
d) anorthosite  
e) c and d  
6.  On what planetary body did the November 1999 "curtain of fire" eruption shown below take place. Besides Earth, this planetary body is the one in the solar system to exhibit active volcanism.
a) Mars  
b) Io  
c) Venus  
d) Earth's moon  
e) Jupiter  
7.  With a base diameter of 600 km and a height of 25 km, __________, shown below, is the largest volcano in the solar system.
a) Mount Arafat  
b) Herculaneum Paterae  
c) Sapas Mons  
d) Olympus Mons  
e) Ceraunius Tholus  
8.  The characteristic yellow and red colors of Io probably represent ___________.
a) SiO2-rich pyroclastic deposits  
b) Basaltic lava flows  
c) Ultramafic lava flows  
d) SO2-rich lava flows  
e) SO2-rich pyroclastic deposits  
9.  Which of the following volcanic features are characterized by immense circular to oblong shapes, positive topographic expressions, and typical diameters from 200-250 km. These features appear to be unique to Venus.
a) coronae  
b) paterae  
c) maria  
d) shield volcanoes  
e) none of the above  
10. The extraordinary high temperatures of the active lava flows on Io suggest that they are of a(n) ___________ composition.
a) andesitic  
b) basaltic  
c) rhyolitic  
d) ultramafic  
e) none of the above  

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