How Volcanoes Work



 A volcanic smoke ring!
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1.  The picture below is an example of a _________.
a) parasitic cone  
b) fumarole  
c) yellow smoker  
d) spatter cone  
e) sulfurovent  
2.  Scoria cones are composed of ______, whereas shield cones are composed of _____.
a) basaltic tephra / andesitic lava flows  
b) basaltic lava flows / basaltic tephra  
c) andesitic tephra / basaltic tephra  
d) basaltic tephra / basaltic lava flows  
e) andesitic lava flows / basaltic lava flows  
3.  The following is an example of a _________.
a) stratovolcano  
b) shield volcano  
c) scoria cone  
d) spatter cone  
e) parasitic cone  
4.  Stratovolcanoes are commonly found at ________.
a) divergent plate boundaries  
b) intraplate boundaries  
c) transform plate boundaries  
d) regions of continental extension  
e) convergent plate boundaries  
5.  As a general rule, _______ calderas are associated
with _______.
a) Crater-Lake type / shield volcanoes  
b) basaltic / stratovolcanoes  
c) resurgent / shield volcanoes  
d) Crater-Lake type / stratovolcanoes  
e) resurgent / scoria cones  
6.  The ________ is a classic example of a resurgent caldera.
a) Erta Al caldera  
b) Mokuaweoweo caldera  
c) Crater Lake caldera  
d) Valles caldera  
e) Kilauea caldera  
7.  Active lava domes generally have ______ viscosities and ______ gas contents.
a) low / high  
b) high / low  
c) low / low  
d) high / high  
e) variable / variable  
8.  Which volcano type is more likely to exist as a parasitic cone?
a) shield volcano  
b) scoria cone  
c) stratovolcano  
d) composite cone  
e) tuff ring  
9.  Which of the following shield volcano types are exceptionally symmetrical, with flat tops occupied by large and very deep calderas (photo)?
a) Galapagos shields  
b) Hawaiian shields  
c) Icelandic shields  
d) Saudi Arabian shields  
e) Andean shields  
10. The 74,000 year old _______ caldera is the youngest resurgent caldera on earth.
a) Cerro Galan  
b) Yellowstone  
c) Valles  
d) Long Valley  
e) Toba  

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