How Volcanoes Work
Eruption Dynamics


 Andy Warhol's Vesuvius


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1 Explosive eruptions are typically associated with magmas having ________ viscosities and ________ volatile contents.
a) high / low  
b) low / high  
c) low / low  
d) high / high  
e) the viscosity and volatile content have no relationship to explosivity  
2.  _________ is defined as the ability of a substance to resist flow.
a) defluidity  
b) exsolution  
c) viscosity  
d) flowability  
e) ductility  
3 The crystallization of a mafic magma will generate the following rock type:
a) basalt  
b) rhyolite  
c) andesite  
d) dacite  
e) granite  
4 A magma's viscosity will increase with increasing ___________.
a) polymerization  
b) silica content  
c) temperature  
d) all the above  
e) (a) and (b) only  
5.  The magnitude of historical eruptions can be measured by the _____________.
a) Modified Mercalli Volcano Index  
b) Richter scale  
c) Bowen's reaction series  
d) Eruptiivity Index of Concerned Scientists  
e) Volcano Explosivity Index  
6 The large, northeast-trending feature in the figure below is called a __________ . It is coincident with a __________ plate boundary.
a) volcanic plateau / divergent  
b) mid-oceanic ridge / divergent  
c) mid-oceanic ridge / convergent  
d) volcanic plateau / transform  
e) oceanic trench / convergent  

7 Which of the following island chains were generated by intraplate volcanism above a mantle plume.
a) the Aleutian Island chain  
b) Emporer Island chain  
c) Hawaiian Island chain  
d) both (b) and (c)  
e) all the above  
8 Active mid-oceanic ridges are often associated with hydrothermal vents. These submarine hot springs (see figure below) are called _________.
a) black smokers  
b) seamounts  
c) hotspots  
d) spatter cones  
e) hydroponic thermoclines  

9.  The cold, rigid lithosphere is underlain by the hot, mobile ________________.
a) oceanic crust  
b) outer core  
c) mesosphere  
d) plastosphere  
e) asthenosphere  
10.  Vesiculation can be promoted by __________.
a) decompression  
b) crystallization  
c) increasing the viscosity  
d) all the above  
e) (a) and (b) only  



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