• Thesis Defense – Luke Zimmerman (MS)

    Thesis Defense – Luke Zimmerman (MS)

    Utilizing C# to Create a Ternary Graph Plotting Program with Rigorous Statistical Anaylsis with an Analysis of Holocene Sands   Luke Zimmerman MS Candidate Advisor: […]

  • Thesis Defense – Preston Itie

    Thesis Defense – Preston Itie

    North-Western Pacific Sea Avian Reconstruction based on Warheit Preston Itie BA Candidate Advisor: Dr. Dave Kimbrough Thursday, May 5th, 2016 CSL 422 – Noon Abstract    […]

  • Thesis Defense – Derek Martin (BS)

    Thesis Defense – Derek Martin (BS)

    Reconnaissance whole rock x-ray fluorescence analysis of samples from Islas Coronados, Baja California Mexico: a test of Gordon Gastil’s hypothesized Upper Cretaceous age assignment of […]

  • Thesis Defense – Mohammad El-Najjar

    Thesis Defense – Mohammad El-Najjar

    Field and Petrochemical Description of the Mount Calavera Volcanic Dome, Carlsbad, California Mohammad El-Najjar BS Candidate Advisor: Dr. Vic Camp Thursday, May 5th, 2016 CSL 422 […]

  • Thesis Defense – Jonathan Rice

    Thesis Defense – Jonathan Rice

    Geochemical Analysis of Arc to Rift Transitional Volcanism of the Boleo Copper District: Santa Rosalia, Baja Jonathan Rice BS Candidate Advisor: Dr. Dave Kimbrough Thursday, May […]