• New Publication

    New Publication

    Dr. Clive Dorman  Professor Emeritus SDSU Geological Sciences Physical Oceanography, Air-Sea Interaction, and Marine Meteorology Congratulations to Professor Emeritus Clive Dorman who co-edited a major […]

  • Seminar – Marjorie Chan

    Seminar – Marjorie Chan

    Mars for Earthlings: Using Sedimentary Analogs to Decode Mars Geology Marjorie Chan Professor, University of Utah Host: AAPG SDSU Student Chapter Wednesday, February 22, 2017 […]

  • Seminar – Ron Blakey

    Seminar – Ron Blakey

    A Brief Overview of the Geologic History of Western Europe as Illustrated Through Paleogeographic and Paleotectonic Maps Ron Blakey Professor Emeritus, Northern Arizona University Host: […]

  • Seminar – Tom Rockwell

    Seminar – Tom Rockwell

    Clustering of earthquakes in the southern San Andreas Fault System based on 1100 years of paleo-earthquakes: Is the 200 year open interval for large earthquakes […]

  • Seminar – Beverly Goodman

    Seminar – Beverly Goodman

    Ancient Mediterranean Tsunami Deposits Beverly Goodman Geoarchaeologist, University of Haifa Charney School of Marine Sciences Host: Tom Rockwell Wednesday, February 8, 2017 CSL  422 – […]