CLM-Microbe (code) (GITHUB)

Millennial model (GITHUB)

Wetland Ecosystem Model (GITHUB)


Dataset Reference Download
Site-level CO2 & N2O flux and global N2O map Xu et al., 2008, Global Change Biology Download
Global Soil Microbial Biomass C, N, P Xu et al., 2013, Global Ecology and Biogeography Download
Updated Global Soil Microbial Biomass C, N, P, S Xu et al., 2015, Scientific Reports Download
Global soil microbial metabolic quotient Xu et al., 2017, Ecological Monographs Download






Videos (Animations)

Cheaters Explosion in Cooperators (Nowak’s book P158, b=1.65, dimension=50) Online Interface

A cluster of cooperators walk in cheaters (dimension = 100, b=1.65)

Evolution of two allele in spatial structure (dimention = 300) User Interface



Group Pictures