Nearshore internal bores formation along Monterey Bay


Monterey Bay is one of the best studied coastal sites in the US, a semienclosed embayment which features one of the largest submarine canyons of the west coast of the United States1, this feature introduces large isopycnal displacements and large amplitude internal waves in and around the canyon. Temperature effects of internal waves and bores have been measured on site, our study aims to validate GCCOM model with these. The study site conditions ensure the influence from wind and tide cur- rents is minimal.


  • 3D Curvilinear Grid Generation Tool
  • Matlab


Manuel Valera, Mariangel Garcia, Ryan Walter, Paul Choboter, Jose Castillo (2016). Nearshore internal bores formation along Monterey Bay using the General Curvilinear Coastal Ocean Model (GCCOM). ACSSES Conference. Computational Science Research Center (CSRC) 2016.

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