Coastal Ocean Dynamics Group

Addressing the challenge of 3D high resolution

The Coastal Ocean Dynamics Group (COD) has been working for many years developing a non-hydrostatic coastal ocean model, the General Curvilinear Coastal Ocean Model (GCCOM) to satisfy the need for more precise models that improve the performance of existing global and regional simulations.

We are currently building the General Curvilinear Environmental Modeling (GCEM), a computational environment (CE) that includes a parallel, MPI framework and  a CyberWeb system includes a wide range of capabilities from user account and group management, data management, dynamic discovery and use of configured services and resources, as well as visualization services.

Some of our research focus on simulating coastal hydrodynamics. Applications include Internal WavesTsunamis Simulation and Oil Spill tracking.

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Director: Dr. Jose Castillo
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5500 Campanile Dr.
Computational Science Research Center
San Diego State University
San Diego, California 92182-1245

Office: GMCS 206 B
Phone: 619-594-2267

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