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  July 7th, 2014
Stepping Up a Notch: An Expanded Mathematical Model for Notch-Delta Signaling
SDSU PhD student, Jerry Chen's thesis research is featured on the cover of PLOS Computational Biology. His article was co-authored with Joseph Mahaffy and Bob Zeller

  June 30th, 2014
SDSU Researchers Win Half of GEN 10 Awards
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN) magazine last week announced the winners of its annual GEN 10 Award competition for research excellence among graduate students, winners included Daniel Cuevas, computational science; Bryan Hancock, cell and molecular biology; Lauryn Keeler, bioinformatics; Brandon Kim,cell and molecular biology; and Tiffany Y. Liang, bioinformatics.

  June 30th, 2014
Dazzling Colors and Pretty Songs
Animals have limited resources, and they have to spend those in order to develop showy plumage or precision singing that help them attract mates and defend territories," said Nick Mason, the paper’s lead author.

  June 25th, 2014
Let Them Google That For You
Thanks to the SDSU psychology master's program in industrial and organizational psychology, Renee Payne and Kate LaMons have found success at the search engine giant post-graduation. The pair were offered positions at Google immediately following graduation

  June 9th, 2014
Cellular Self-Destruction
Steven Quistad, a graduate student working in the lab of SDSU virologist Forest Rohwer, made the discovery earlier this year somewhat by accident. Rohwer leads SDSU's Viral Information Institute, one of the university's Areas of Excellence.

  June 8th, 2014
In Memoriam: Marie Dolansky, former professor of Mathematics
Marie Dolansky, former professor of Mathematics at SDSU, passed away on March 8, 2014. She was 93. From 1981 until 1994 she taught mathematics at San Diego State University and at several community colleges in the San Diego area until her retirement.

  June 5th, 2014
SDSU Homeland Security Program Students Part of D-Day Remembrance
The students went to France for two weeks as part of a summer course called "The Lessons and Legacies of D-Day." "Going there allows them to get that visceral sense of what it was all about," said Jeffrey McIllwain, the professor. "They walk it, they smell it, they see it."

  June 2nd, 2014
Global Climate Change and Infectious Disease in the San Diego-Baja California Region
This international course focused on the effects of climate change on the environment, and resulting impacts on plant, animal, and human disease in the binational Southern California-Baja California border region.

  June 2nd, 2014
Global Climate Change and Infectious Disease in the San Diego-Baja California Region
This international course focused on the effects of climate change on the environment, and resulting impacts on plant, animal, and human disease in the binational Southern California-Baja California border region.

  May 22nd, 2014
Always Late? How To Be On Time -- For Real
Jeff Conte, Ph.D., an associate professor of psychology at San Diego State University who has studied lateness in the workplace, says that there are deep-rooted personality characteristics at play, making lateness a very difficult habit to break.

  May 20th, 2014
Bacteria in Saliva may Help Diagnose Pancreatic Cancer
The findings suggest that ratios of particular types of bacteria found in saliva may be indicative of pancreatic cancer," said Pedro Torres from San Diego State University in the US.

  May 16th, 2014
Research says Young People Today are more Narcissistic than Ever
Professor Twenge had been studying self-esteem in young people, who specialises in narcissism. They joined forces to investigate whether people born in more recent generations score higher against narcissism measures than in previous generations.

  May 16th, 2014
SDSU's Class of 2014 Graduates
Phillip Rey Silva, the first in his family to attend college, he began to think about pursuing a Ph.D. at the end of his sophomore year. In the fall, he will be attending Yale University and has a long-term goal of teaching neuropharmacology.

  May 2nd, 2014
Autism Tied to Increased Connectivity in Brain Networks
Inna Fishman, Ph.D., from San Diego State University, and colleagues used resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging to compare brain networks in 25 adolescents with ASD

  May 1st, 2014
Bright Futures for STEM Graduates
As part of their mission to prepare undergraduate science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and behavioral science students for direct-entry into Ph.D. programs, the Minority Access to Research Careers and Initiative for Maximizing Student Development program...

  April 13th, 2014
Scientists Set to Roam the World
San Diego Union highlights the work of Tom Rockwell, David Kimbrough, Matt Lauer, Erin Riley, Walt Oechel, Forest Rohwer, Arion Mayes, Sam Shen and Stephen Schellenberg.

  April 9th, 2014
Quirky Quarks Inside Neutron Stars
San Diego State theoretical astrophysicist Fridolin Weber has uncovered new evidence that such lonesome quarks, known in the physics world as deconfined quark matter, may indeed exist deep in the belly of neutron stars.

  April 1st, 2014
Marine Bio Beats
Jeremy Long, a biology professor at San Diego State University, has utilized music as a teaching mechanism for years. His unique teaching style fuses marine biology concepts with elements of hip-hop.

  April 1st, 2014
California Overdue for "The Big One:" Quake Expert
San Diegans should be no more worried today than we would've been a month before Friday's quake according to Pat Abbott, Professor Emeritus of Geology SDSU. "We're definitely due for The Big One, but overdue on geological time might mean it's another 100 years in terms of human time."

  March 25th, 2014
Can Diversity Stimulate the Creative Brain?
"I personally benefit from having diverse students in my lab," Devos said. "They bring knowledge and sensitivities that I don't have. Their presence can change the lens of perception for the group and lead to more creative solutions."

  March 17th, 2014
Mapping the Impact of Fishing
"When we talk about fisheries' catch, we're talking about what fishers are aiming to catch," explained Professor Rebecca Lewison... "Bycatch are the animals they don't want or mean to catch."

  March 19th, 2014
Exploring a Future in STEM
Through a panel of SDSU college students and stimulating workshops and labs, students from various urban San Diego middle schools will have the opportunity to explore career options in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

  March 18th, 2014
Kyoto Symposium Honors an Inventor
Robert Heath Dennard, Ph.D., who invented one of the most significant advances in computer technology, Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM), was honored as the Kyoto Prize Laureate in advanced technology at this year's Kyoto Prize at SDSU.

  March 7th, 2014
Inside Look at Marine Research
She is one of nearly a dozen San Diego State University researchers working with the Coastal and Marine Institute Laboratory on research that ranges from coral reef interactions to the way the ocean affects the survival of sea urchins.

  March 6th, 2014
Showcasing Student Researchers
More than 375 students showcased their research, scholarships, and projects... College of Sciences winner include: Lauryn Keeler, Berenice Rösler, Gerardo Soriano, Theresa Morrison, Carl Bolano, Marcelo Nieto, Andres Bermudez, Lindsay Rotblatt, Anthony Rodriguez, and Maria Lopez Cabrera.

  March 6th, 2014
Nobel Laureate Presented 2014 Wassenberg Memorial Lecture
Born in Italy and educated at Antioch College and Harvard University, Capecchi received the Nobel Prize, along with Sir Martin J. Evans and Oliver Smithies, for "their discoveries of principles for introducing specific gene modifications in mice by the use of embryonic stem cells."

  February 21st, 2014
Is A "Buttery" Molecule Behind Cystic Fibrosis Flare-ups?
According to a recent study led by San Diego State University postdoctoral researcher Katrine Whiteson. The molecule can be detected in higher concentrations in CF patients than in healthy ones.

  February 20th, 2014
SDSU seeks way to fight Cystic Fibrosis
San Diego State University biologist Katrine Whiteson is trying to create a breathalyzer that detects the onset lung inflammation in people with Cystic Fibrosis.

  February 11th, 2014
Where in the World
"Most of biology has been thinking about it backward," Rohwer maintains. "We never studied viruses until recently because we didn't know they existed. Actually, there are more viruses and they have more diversity than any other living thing.

  March 19th, 2014
Exploring a Future in STEM
Through a panel of SDSU college students and stimulating workshops and labs, students from various urban San Diego middle schools will have the opportunity to explore career options in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

  February 2nd, 2014
Is kelp in local waters radioactive?
"We don't know if we're going to find a signal of the radiation," says Edwards. "And I personally don't believe it'll represent a health threat if there is one. But it's worth asking whether there's a reason to be concerned about a disaster that occurred on the other side of the planet some time ago."

  February 2nd, 2014
Pruning Synapses Improves Brain Connections
"The finding of a microglial role in synaptic pruning, and ultimately the emergence of efficient distributed networks, is very interesting," said Ralph-Axel Müller from San Diego State University

  January 21st, 2014
"Sedimentary Bathtub" Amplifies Earthquakes
Like an amphitheater amplifies sound, the stiff, sturdy soil beneath the Greater Vancouver metropolitan area could greatly amplify the effects of an earthquake, pushing the potential devastation... That's the conclusion of geology professor Kim Olsen.

  January 8th, 2014
Scaling Mountains, Then Moving Them
His family nickname was starvation kid, and his most treasured toy was a simple rubber ball. Though Sam Shen grew up in rural poverty in the years following the Great Chinese Famine, he knew he was one of the lucky ones.

  January 3rd, 2014
Informath Combines Art, Science
"We want to show people that math can be fun and integrated everywhere," said Molly Kelton, co-director of the collaborative and CRMSE researcher. "Most people don't think of math as creative and we want to dispel that stereotype."

  January 3rd, 2014
Official: Baja Road may Reopen by Summer
"Very frankly, that road should never have been built... the decision to build along the fragile cliffs doomed the roadway. The seismic activity in that region doesn't help, he said, but it wasn't the main factor in the road's deterioration." said Pat Abbott, a geology professor at San Diego State University who has studied the area in question.

  December 20th, 2013
The Future of Medicine in the Palm of Your Hand
The SDSU X-Team's strategy, says team captain and SDSU graduate student Lambert Ninteman, is to take existing technologies and find a way to integrate them and make them communicate with one another, rather than building new technologies from scratch.

  December 19th, 2013
Earthquake Simulations on Titan Make for Safer Buildings
Kim Olsen, a geophysicist at San Diego State University, have been able to perform the simulations at much higher frequencies than was previously possible due to the computational power of Titan, a 27-petaflop Cray XK7 machine.

  December 11th, 2013
Scientists See Relief in Budget Deal
"The NIH funds that support these types of efforts have been becoming more and more limited over the last few years" said Stanley Maloy, dean of SDSU's College of Sciences.

  December 3rd, 2013
Saving African Elephants
San Diego State University biology professor Scott Kelley is on a mission to help improve the water quality for the largest walking animals on the planet - African elephants.

  December 2nd, 2013
SDSU, Balboa Park are InforMath
Funded by a $726,733 National Science Foundation grant to SDSU's Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Education, the program will involve the center's researchers and staff from the Mingei International Museum.

  November 19th, 2013
Rising Acidity Threatens Marine Ecosystems Off San Diego
Matthew Edwards, professor of biology at San Diego State University and the Coastal and Marine Institute Laboratory, has studied the impact of acidification on kelp forests for more than 20 years.

  November 7th, 2013
Inside the Autistic Brain: New Research Challenges Current Beliefs
Ralph-Axel Muller and colleagues at San Diego State University discovered hyper-connectivity in the brains of teens with autism, particularly in the regions that control vision.

  November 6th, 2013
SDSU Receives $8.5M for Heart Research
"Regenerative medicine using stem cells has changed the way researchers and clinicians are thinking about and trying to treat heart failure," said Mark Sussman, Ph.D., a distinguished professor of biology at SDSU.

  October 31st, 2013
MESA Student Leaders
A select group of San Diego State University students recently honed their leadership skills at an invitation-only conference in San Diego for math-based majors. The event was sponsored by the California Utilities Diversity Council.

  October 24th, 2013
Innovation in Education
More than 90 attendees shared their successes and challenges regarding online K-12 STEM -- science, technology, engineering and math -- teaching and learning.

  October 22nd, 2013
ARCS Scholars Drive Innovation
"Understanding research centrality is critical to San Diego State University," said Hirshman. "Research isn't an option or an add on -- it's a necessity."

  October 22nd, 2013
Can Monster Oarfish Really Predict Earthquakes?
"I don't discredit or disrespect the Japanese theory at all," Pat Abbott, a seismologist at San Diego State University, told reporters. "The science and study just isn't there.

  October 17th, 2013
Erika Garcia, a senior biology-zoology major, has found her passion in a typically unpopular subject matter: spiders.

  October 8th, 2013
Highlights of the BMC-series: September 2013
For example, a 15-week Ecological Metagenomics course at San Diego State University recently brought together 21 biology and computer science undergraduates to successfully sequence the California sea lion genome, 14 bacterial genomes and 14 microbial community samples...

  October 1st, 2013
SDSU to monitor firefighters as they work
"We know very little about these stresses," says Matt Rahn, an SDSU environmental scientist who is leading the study, which involves a partnership with Cal Fire, the U.S. Forest Service, and other first responders.

  September 26th, 2013
SDSU Ranks #19 Nationwide Advancing Women in STEM
Narrowing the gap in women's representation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) has been a popular topic recently, from local coffee shops to the office of the President.

  September 19th, 2013
Setting Up for Success
Now in its third year, LabZone is a service-learning outreach initiative designed to give future educators a place to learn theories in math and science education while engaging underserved youth.

  September 17th, 2013
The 300-Year-Old Fertility Statistics Still in use Today
Jean Twenge, a psychologist at San Diego State University in the US, was 34, recently remarried, and looking to start a family, when she heard it from her doctor...

  September 15th, 2013
SDSU Graduate makes Popular Science's 'Brilliant Ten' List
The recognition "is really exciting for me," said Breitbart, whose laboratories sit on Tampa Bay on the St. Petersburg waterfront. "We get lost in the day-to-day a lot of the time, and you don't get a lot of recognition that says, 'Hey, here's someone doing something that's actually going to make a difference in society.'

  September 12th, 2013
Undergrads Sequence California Sea Lion
A 15-week Ecological Metagenomics course at San Diego State University brought together 21 biology and computer science undergraduates to successfully sequence the sea lion genome...

  September 13th, 2013
Shuo Ma Invited to Lecture at the International School on Earthquake Science, Hakone Japan
He will be amongst an elite group of 15 earthquake scientists from around the world invited to speak at conference organized by The Earthquake Research Institute of the University of Tokyo and the Southern California Earthquake Center.

  September 8th, 2013
Researchers Affirm Dangers of Drinking during Pregnancy
"Supported by decades of research, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) asserts that prenatal alcohol exposure is the leading preventable cause of birth defects and developmental disorders in this country," said Sarah Mattson, professor of psychology and associate director of SDSU's Center for Behavioral Teratology.

  September 4th, 2013
NASA Ponders Kepler's future
Over time, starlight will start to fall on different pixels with slightly different sensitivities. "Every single day, it's as if you're going to use a different detector, a different telescope," says Kepler scientist William Welsh of San Diego State University in California.

  August 27th, 2013
Research Paper wins Best Paper at Symposium
Dr. Tao Xie and two of his students, Abdul Abdurrab and Wei Wang, presented their paper, "DLOOP: A Flash Translation Layer Exploiting Plane-Level Parallelism", at the The 27th IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium and was awarded Best Paper in the Parallel Architecture track.

  August 26th, 2013
Did You Know That Viruses Are Saving Your Life Right Now?
A brand new study from San Diego State University sheds new light on this amazing process. The secret lies in one of your most underappreciated body fluids: mucus.

  August 22nd, 2013
Household Item Could be Sickening Local Bobcat Population
I think what we're seeing is an epidemic in a wildlife population," said researcher Megan Jennings. Jennings, a post-doctoral researcher, who trapped and released Duke, had actually been tagging bobcats to look at their movements.

  August 14th, 2013
Fruit Flies Give Insight into Human Health
Sanford Bernstein spends most of his time in the company of fruit flies, but not without good reason. The San Diego State University distinguished professor of biology has been studying fruit flies for more than 30 years, using the tiny insects as test models to uncover new treatments for human muscle and cardiac diseases.

  August 8th, 2013
A Champion for Change
Kristyl Smith is a Jill-of-all-trades. The San Diego State University psychology senior is a dynamo involved in numerous campus organizations, activist groups and beauty pageants -- and that's only the beginning.

  August 6th, 2013
Interning at Harvard
Jerrell Ray Tisnado, a senior at San Diego State University, is one of 44 undergraduate students accepted into the 2013 Harvard Stem Cell Institute Internship Program.

  August 2nd, 2013
Update from the Arctic
"We are currently doing land and marine surveys in the area. Diving here is cold - 30 degrees. Kelp forests with brittle stars, nudibranchs and jellyfish so far," he wrote July 30 after diving near Hooker Island, one of nearly 200 frozen islands in Franz Josef Land.

  July 19th, 2013
SDSU Contributes to Sustainability in China
Eleven San Diego State University students participated in a two-week SDSU study abroad program at Xiamen, China. The Summer School on Climate Change is focused on global climate change and vulnerability of natural resources and was led by Sam Shen (mathematics) and Chun-Ta Lai (biology).

  July 18th, 2013
SDSU Scientists Heading to Arctic
It's off to the great white north for San Diego State University biologist Forest Rohwer and his grad student Steve Quistad. They leave this weekend for Russia, where they'll catch the ice breaker MS Polaris...

  July 17th, 2013
Line Island Expedition Will Shed Light On Microbial Dynamics Of Coral Reef Robustness and Decline
The interactions between microbes and macroorganisms in coral reefs, specifically how these systems respond to perturbation, are being investigated by the Laboratory of Forest Rohwer at San Diego State University.

  July 15th, 2013
Women in Science: 50 Years After Silent Spring - The Silent Spring Series -- Exploring Ethics
Rachel Carson's legacy is well known, but what has not been as widely recognized are the challenges she faced as a woman in science 50 years ago. While much has changed in the last five decades, three women active in science today assess the hurdles that remain. Join Dorothy Sears, Christina Deckard, and Lynne Friedmann for an insightful discussion moderated by Stanley Maloy.

  July 12th, 2013
SDSU building a $1.5 mil Telescope
San Diego State University is about to build the most powerful telescope in school history, a $1.5 million instrument that will enable astronomers to more clearly see everything from the birth of stars to the texture of galaxies far beyond the Milky Way.

  July 11th, 2013
Recession's Silver Lining
"Although young people's concern for others and for the environment is still lower than it was in the 1970s, the recession has apparently led youth to focus more on others compared to the economic boom times of the mid-2000s." said Jean M. Twenge, professor of psychology at SDSU.

  June 26th, 2013
Unlikely Planets Found in Violent Star Cluster
The study likely means that the estimate of 50 billion planets in the Milky Way galaxy, a number derived from Kepler data, is low since it does not include stars in clusters, added astronomer William Welsh, with San Diego State University.

  June 25th, 2013
A Deep Brain Disorder
Nair and Dr. Ralph-Axel Müller, an SDSU professor of psychology who was senior investigator of the study, examined more than 50 children, both with autism and without.

  June 24th, 2013
SDSC GeoComputing Lab named winner of HPC Innovation Excellence award by IDC
The IDC award cites Cui's team for the development of a highly scalable and efficient code--using GPUs (graphical processing units) as opposed to CPUs, or central processing units - that accelerate a widely-used wave propagation code called AWP-ODC, which stands for Anelastic Wave Propagation by geological science professors Kim Olsen and Steven Day.

  June 20th, 2013
Doctor Challenges Women and Fertility Myths
Twenge says a new study found that among 38 and 39 year olds, 80 percent became pregnant naturally within six months. Older research has indicated that 1 in 3 woman ages 35 to 39 will not get pregnant after a year of trying.

  June 19th, 2013
Protein Essential for Normal Heart Function
A study shows that a protein called MCL-1, which promotes cell survival, is essential for normal heart function. Contributors include Mark Sussman from San Diego State University.

  June 14th, 2013
Lessons From Combat
Dr. Heidi Kraft had just arrived at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina to speak to a group of Navy doctors and nurses when she got the call. It wasn't just any call -- it was one from the White House -- inviting her to be a guest of President Barack Obama's and speak at the National Conference on Mental Health in Washington, D.C

  June 14th, 2013
Where Innovation and Collaboration Can Start in Higher Education: Digital Ninja Workshops
My colleague, Kevin Robinson, and I embarked on a unique educational collaboration that we began about a year ago that we call "Digital Ninja Workshops."

  June 10th, 2013
'Dark Matter' of Life: Mysterious Bacteria Captured
Now that they have the genome, and know, for instance, that TM6 needs a host to survive, the researchers hope to finally culture the bacterium and learn how it behaves. The research is "a technical tour-de-force," said Moselio Schaechter, a bacteriologist at San Diego State University, who was not involved in the study.

  May 20th, 2013
New Immune System Discovered
Mucus may be slimy and gross, but a San Diego State University research team, led by Biology Post-doctoral Fellow Jeremy Barr, has discovered that it is also home to a powerful immune system that could change the way doctors treat a number of diseases.

  May 20th, 2013
ASM Live Denver 2013
Be part of the studio audience for the American Society for Microbiology 2013 General Meeting's live internet talk show, ASM Live. Host Stanley Maloy, Ph.D., Professor of Microbiology and Dean of the College of Sciences, San Diego State University, will discuss the latest science at the meeting with a variety of guest researchers and will take questions from the audience and the internet.

  May 20th, 2013
Protective Phages
Working with corals, fish, and human samples, researchers from Forest Rohwer's lab at San Diego State University began to notice there was a much higher percentage of bacteriophages in mucosal linings than in surrounding surfaces.

  May 13th, 2013
Non-Smokers Beware
"Our findings demonstrate that some non-smoking guest rooms in smoking hotels are as polluted with third-hand smoke as are some smoking rooms," said SDSU psychology professor Georg Matt.

  May 1st, 2013
Today's Teens: More Materialistic, Less Willing to Work
"Compared to previous generations, recent high school graduates are more likely to want lots of money and nice things, but less likely to say they're willing to work hard to earn them," said Twenge, author of the book "Generation Me."

  April 30th, 2013
"Planet Hunter" Stops at SDSU
Kepler is a NASA initiative that aims to detect Earth-like planets orbiting stars. Barclay recently led a team that discovered a new planetary system, including the first super-sized Earth-like planet that could possibly be habitable.

  April 29th, 2013
From Trekkie to Techie
An interdisciplinary team of faculty, researchers and students from San Diego State University has entered Qualcomm's Tricorder X-Prize Competition for a chance at $10 million and the opportunity to revolutionize healthcare.

  April 25th, 2013
Study Reveals Trends in Science Education
The results of this study suggest that science faculty with education specialties at institutions with Ph.D. programs are more likely to get science education grants on their personal or institutional reputation in the basic sciences rather on the basis of their formal training in science education.

  April 22nd, 2013
The Other Microbiome
Forest Rohwer, a microbiologist at San Diego State University, has spent more than a decade researching the bacteria and viruses that inhabit coral reefs, developing ways to study the microbes, and asking how they interact with each other.

  April 18th, 2013
Astronomers Discover Two Habitable Zone "Super Earths"
"These two planets are the most Earth-like we have found to date. They are similar in both size and temperature to our planet," said William Welsh, professor of astronomy at SDSU.

  April 18th, 2013
San Diego State University Students Work on Boston Bombings Case
Immediately after the bombings at the Boston Marathon finish line, students at San Diego State University were already trying to solve the case. "Within two minutes of when it happened we were already working on it," said Eric Frost, Director of the SDSU Visualization Center or as it's popularly known, the "Viz Center."

  April 12th, 2013
In Memoriam: James "Jim" Ross
James "Jim" Emerson Ross passed away at the age of 73 on April 3, 2013 from complications due to Parkinson's disease. Ross retired from San Diego State University in 1999, earning the title of professor emeritus in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

  April 11th, 2013
The Beat of Marine Education
San Diego State University Professor Jeremy Long is a celebrated marine biologist and researcher, as well as an integral member of the SDSU Coastal and Marine Institute. But what many people don't know is that Long also possesses a hidden talent: rapping.

  April 9th, 2013
Navy Unveils Laser Weapon
San Diego State University Associate Physics Professor Dr. Matt Anderson said infrared lasers like these could allow US forces unprecedented defense capabilities.

  April 8th, 2013
New Strain of Avian Flu Begins to Spread through China
The outbreak of the H7N9 virus in China will be an important story to follow for the SDSU students attending the study abroad course this summer in Xiamen, China. The two-week course will focus on the spread of infectious diseases and global change in China.

  April 8th, 2013
Global Climate Change and Emerging Infectious Disease with Stanley Maloy and Alan Sweedler
San Diego State's Stanley Maloy presents the direct and indirect consequences of climate change that are shifting the habitats of animals and plants, increasing the spread of infectious diseases, and altering the availability of clean water and food supplies.

  April 5th, 2013
Putting a Car on Mars
Seven of the eight SDSU alumni who helped put the Rover 'Curiosity' on Mars will visit campus and give a lecture on April 19. The event will take place Friday, April 19, 2013, 3 pm at Arts and Letters 201. Space is limited. Please reserve your seat at

  April 3rd, 2013
GPU-Powered Supercomputers run Petaflop-level Earthquake Simulations
The accelerated code, targeted at GPUs as opposed to CPUs, is based on a widely-used wave propagation code called AWP-ODC, which stands for Anelastic Wave Propagation and was named after Kim Olsen and Steven Day, geological-science professors at San Diego State University.

  April 2nd, 2013
CSU Schools Expanding Online Offerings
"The one thing that is key is to make sure the information is there. The student can ask questions and get answers to their questions in a very quick amount of time," Maloy said. "Students in the class interact with other students. And they get all the content they would have got if they were in person."

  April 2nd, 2013
Chris Rasmussen makes Plenary Address at JMM
Professor Chris Rasmussen was selected to present one of only six MAA Invited Addresses at this past winter's Joint Mathematics Meetings, the largest gathering of mathematicians in the U.S. with over 6700 attendees.

  March 28th, 2013
The Heart of the Mesa
For years, SDSU biology professor Annalisa Berta made an annual gift to SDSU to support student scholarships. But as the university geared up to launch The Campaign for SDSU in 2007, Berta felt it was time to reconsider her commitment. Pillars of the campaign include: Gordon and Janis Shackelford; and Patricia and Jerry Koppman.

  March 28th, 2013
Student Research Symposium Winners
Laura Frutos, psychology; Trevor Gregg, astronomy; Brandon Kim, biology; Katy Patras, biology; Alterra Sanchez, biology; Karalani Cross, psychology; Annalia Valdivia, psychology; Laura McIntyre, microbiology; Intisar Khamo, biology; Marley Hilleger, microbiology; Marina Watanabe, biology; Genaro Hernandez, biology; Rita Auro, biology; Jennifer E. Schefski, biology; Alyssa R. Deline, chemistry; Victoria D Nguyen, chemistry; Jeremy S. Mitchell, Physics.

  March 28th, 2013
A Look into SDSU's Marine Lab
SDSU Coastal and Marine Laboratory opened its doors to the public on March 10. Take a look at their informational video. The Coastal and Marine Institute Laboratory is a powerful tool for San Diego State University scientists who are researching environmental problems up and down the coast of southern California.

  March 26th, 2013
SDSU Boasts Scientific Research
Faculty and students from SDSU's science departments opened their doors and minds to the public to showcase SDSU's ongoing scientific research. A number of expositions were presented during the three-hour event, including a tour of the night sky in the campus planetarium, a look into the human brain with MRI research, and making ice cream using the cryogenic power of liquid nitrogen.

  March 21st, 2013
Beauty in the Gutters
"Soil in the urban environment is not unlike soil outside of the city, but the history and origin become harder to pinpoint," Lipson said. "The scientific analysis of this gutter debris gives us important information about the soil and where it comes from."

  March 18th, 2013
Sample SDSU's Science Research
The SDSU Science Sampler will take place from 5 to 8 p.m. on Friday, March 22. Activities will be held in various buildings and labs within the College of Sciences. The event is free and open to the public.

  March 18th, 2013
Harvard Beckons
Erin Fletcher, who graduates in May, will join 2012 SDSU graduate Ellese Carmona as a candidate in Harvard's biological and biomedical sciences Ph.D. program. Both Aztecs were members of Kelly Doran's microbiology lab.

  March 13th, 2013
SDSU Alumnus Wins Apps Challenge
"I realized we have applications that make almost every aspect of our life simpler, so there's no reason why compelling energy management applications shouldn't be widely available as well," said Wakil, who earned his master's degree in computer science from SDSU.

  March 12th, 2013
Houston, We Have an Aztec
Ellen Ochoa, '80, is director of NASA's Johnson Space Center, the first Hispanic and second woman to hold the position. In 1993, she became the first Hispanic woman to go to space when she served on a nine-day mission aboard the space shuttle Discovery

  March 11th, 2013
Heart Monitors
Glembotski's team found a gene in the heart that reduces damage by improving protein folding. Recently, they designed a new therapy for boosting the expression of this gene in the region of the heart most affected by heart disease.

  March 8th, 2013
Revelle Award goes to SDSU biologist
Kevin Hovel was given the award at the San Diego Oceans Foundation gala, adding his name to a list of winners that has included pioneering kelp research Paul Dayton, and Walter Munk, the infamous Scripps Institution of Oceanography professor.

  March 7th, 2013
Grants of the Week
Grants of the Week highlight some of the new awards received by SDSU researchers. Mark Sussman, IRRI: $73,750 and $373,750 | Kim Olsen, Geological Sciences $31,138 | Rafaela Santa-Cruz, CRMSE $3,100.

  March 6th, 2013
A Preventable Malady
"That's where my real love is," he says. "When I take people who do basic research to see the kids, it changes their lives. They're studying this problem in a cell culture dish, and then you say, 'This is why you're doing it; it's this little kid right here.'"

  March 6th, 2013
Is Climate Change Aiding Spread Of Infectious Diseases?
The latest research into climate change suggests that global warming may impact the spread of infectious diseases. The complex interconnection of how plants, animals and insects thrive on our planet is just beginning to be unraveled by scientists.

  March 5th, 2013
Federal Grant Programs Defended
Stanley Maloy, dean of San Diego State's College of Sciences, said critics will often point to seemingly esoteric grants without realizing their reach. He cited the example in 2008 of then-vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin criticizing federal grant funding for fruit-fly research.

  March 1st, 2013
Investing in the Future
There are dozens of funded SDSU programs and research projects poised to advance in size and scope with an injection of donor funds. The endowment established by Atkinson's gift lays a foundation for growth in a many different areas.

  February 27th, 2013
Van Collects Gas-Emission Data
An ongoing research project by San Diego State biology associate professor Chun-Ta Lai will begin to implement the change needed to stabilize and control San Diego's air quality.

  February 13th, 2013
Kyoto Symposium Honors 'Father of Computer Graphics'
Dr. Ivan Sutherland, considered the "father of computer graphics," will be honored as the Kyoto Laureate in advanced technology at this year's Kyoto Prize Symposium at San Diego State University.

  February 13th, 2013
STEM Experts Share Experience
"This is a great way for people to learn about internships, network with employers, and discover career opportunities in fields they may not have considered," said Paul Fryling, president of BTSA and SDSU bioinformatics master's student.

  February 8th, 2013
Twenge to Talk About Generation Me
4 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 28 Arts and Letters Building 201. There will be free parking for attendees on levels 4 through 8 of Parking Structure 4

  January 22nd, 2013
A Man for All Sensors
Think the sensors in your iPhone are cool? Consider this--a shark's sensitivity to electric fields is 400 times as powerful as the most effective manmade sensor.

  January 16th, 2013
Little Mysteries, Big Discoveries
Rohwer, a San Diego State University biology professor, will travel to Indonesia's Coral Triangle to study microbes as part of a prestigious Partnerships for International Research and Education grant.

  January 15th, 2013
Workplace Inclusion Benefits Businesses
Professors Beth Chung, Michelle Dean, Karen Ehrhart, Amy Randel and Lynn Shore formed the Institute for Inclusiveness and Diversity in Organizations to study how organizational leaders interact with diverse employees.

  January 7th, 2013
Only the Toughest Would Survive on Tatooine Worlds
"This means we cannot dismiss binary stars as being inhospitable," says William Welsh of San Diego State University. "That opens up a vast number of possibilities that were previously considered too hostile for life."

  January 5th, 2013
Making Narcissists of Us All?
Jean Twenge, a professor of psychology at San Diego State Univeristy, and Keith Campbell, professor of psychology at the University of Georgia, authored a new book entitled The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement, arguing we are in the grip of a new narcissism pandemic escalating over the past two decades.

  December 29th, 2012
Himalaya at Risk of Major Quakes
With regard to preparedness for earthquake hazards, Thomas Rockwell of the Department of Geological Sciences, San Diego State University, wrote in an accompanying article: "Pinning the details of the rupture down in future work could help develop a more complete view of earthquake hazard in one of the most densely populated seismic zones in the world."

  December 19th, 2012
Baja California Plant Field Guide, 3rd Edition, Offers a Lush Look at Region's Flora
The descriptions encompass plant habit and height; stem, leaf, flower, fruit, and fruit morphology; range; elevation; pollination biology; ethnobotanical uses; and discriminating comparisons with close relatives, all according to Dr. Michael G. Simpson, San Diego State University.

  December 18th, 2012
What Does It Take to Fool a Snake? Send in the Robot
"It's likely that the snake realized as soon as it bit the fake squirrel that it bit something that wasn't a live animal," says Dr. Clark, an assistant biology professor at San Diego State University.

  December 14th, 2012
'Why?' and 'How?' and the importance of critical thinking
I believe this word followed by a question mark is one of the biggest advantages we have as a society, with the phrase "How?" coming in as a close second. The reason is simple— searching for their answers fosters creativity, initiative and innovation.

  December 14th, 2012
San Diegans Awakened by 6.1 Mexico Earthquake
"The quake happened beneath the seafloor in an area that was a subduction zone tens of millions of years ago," said SDSU seismologist Tom Rockwell. "This is a very old area of faulting. It still builds up some strain that releases as a quake every once in awhile."

  December 3rd, 2012
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Identifies 16 Leading Scientists to Pursue High-Risk Research in Marine Microbial Ecology
SDSU Professor/marine biologist Forest Rohwer was chosen through an extensive review process that considered over 180 leaders in marine microbial ecology and related fields, conducting synergistic and innovative research to uncover the underlying principles...

  November 29th, 2012
In Memoriam Theodore J. "Ted" Cohn
Biology Professor Theodore "Ted" Cohn passed away November 25, at age 82 after a prolonged illness. Ted joined the SDSU Zoology Department in 1964 after completing his Ph.D. in entomology under T. H. Hubbell at the University of Michigan.

  November 29th, 2012
Autism Research Uncovers Brain Connections
San Diego State University psychology research professor Inna Fishman is embarking on a study to identify the differences in brain networks of children and adolescents with autism and those who are typically developing.

  November 28th, 2012
A Woman Who Means Business
The San Diego Business Journal recently acknowledged Roberta Gottlieb, director of the Donald P. Shiley Bio-Science Center at SDSU, with a "Women Who Mean Business Award."

  November 19th, 2012
Alternatives to Insecticides: High Impact Solutions Without Environmental Trade-offs
Dr. Stephen Welter of San Diego State University focuses on biologically based alternatives to insecticide use in American agriculture that also consider non-target environmental effects, worker safety issues, and consumer needs as well as the more traditional models of economic trade-offs.

  November 19th, 2012
SDSU Alumna Tabbed to Lead Space Center
Former astronaut and SDSU alumna Ellen Ochoa will be the next director at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. Ochoa earned a bachelor's degree in physics from San Diego State University. She said SDSU professor Richard Morris inspired her to pursue her dreams.

  November 15th, 2012
Well Connected
"The Science DMZ will generate new research partnerships for SDSU," said Jose Castillo, Ph.D., principal investigator for the grant and director of the Computational Science Research Center...

  November 15th, 2012
A Third of Marine Species Remain Undescribed
The study is the first comprehensive register of marine species of the world. The register was authored through a massive collaborative effort by hundreds of researchers from around the globe, including San Diego State University biology professor Annalisa Berta.

  November 8th, 2012
Tissue Regeneration at Heart of New Institute
One of the foremost leaders in this area, Mark Sussman from San Diego State University, today announced the opening of SDSU's new Integrated Regenerative Research Institute to help advance this area of research in San Diego.

  November 1st, 2012
$2.8 Million Grant Prepares Students for Science Careers
"Spanning across multiple colleges and disciplines, this intensive program prepares junior and senior-level students for competitive doctoral, research and leadership careers in the biomedical and behavioral research fields," said program director William Tong, a chemistry professor at SDSU.

  October 31st, 2012
Superstorm Sandy Deciphered
"This is just not a hurricane we are dealing with," Abbott said. "But three weather systems that are combining into one."

  October 29th, 2012
Science Scholarships Awarded
The San Diego chapter for Achievement Rewards for Colleges Scientists foundation donated $90,000 for student scholarships at an Oct. 26 ceremony. Students will receive scholarships ranging from $5,000 to $15,000.

  October 25th, 2012
Scientists Partner to Protect Environment
As part of a $1.3 million grant from the National Science Foundation, student researchers from SDSU's departments of geography, biology and educational technology will travel this month to the Fanjingshan National Nature Reserve, home to the monkey known for its golden fur, to examine the effect of payments for ecosystem services.

  October 25th, 2012
Subaru Funds Math and Science Education
The undergraduate students enroll in a 3-unit service-learning course taught by Professor Alexander "Sasha" Chizhik, in which they learn theories behind informal mathematics and science education.

  October 22nd, 2012
New Discoveries in Treating Heart Disease
"One of the greatest challenges of modern medicine is to harness the power to heal when doctors can't coax the body to repair itself," said Mark Sussman, professor of biology and director of the new Integrated Regenerative Research Institute at SDSU.

  October 15th, 2012
Armchair Astronomers Find Four-Sun Planet
"Despite the chaotic forces that were present two billion years ago when these stars were born, this planet managed to form out of the maelstrom," said SDSU astronomer William Welsh. "It is telling us once again that nature likes to make planets."

  October 2nd, 2012
Raytheon Sponsors San Diego Region Joint Planning Conference for Engineering and Science Chapters
"Hosting the MESA Joint Planning Conference is a benefit to Raytheon because Raytheon believes in diversity in our workplace. Our Employee Resource Group/Employee Network Group (ERG/ENG) are eager to support our community and STEM activities," said Marie R. Ang, Software Engineer for Raytheon.

  October 1st, 2012
In Memoriam: Gordon Gastil
Russell Gordon Gastil, professor emeritus of geology at San Diego State University, passed away at home in La Mesa on the afternoon of Sept. 29 in the loving company of family and friends. Gordon's insatiable curiosity and geologic insight served as a model for hundreds of San Diego State University students across five decades...

  September 24th, 2012
In Birds' Development, Researchers Find Diversity by the Peck
A new and highly rigorous genomic analysis by coauthor Kevin J. Burns, a biologist at San Diego State University, has shown that among the three Caribbean bullfinch species, this crushing type of beak actually evolved twice, independently.

  September 24th, 2012
NSF grant, Qualcomm funds to train science, math teachers
San Diego State University has received nearly $3.5 million to support 32 math and science teachers over five years, with the goal of boosting their teaching skills and helping them to grow into mentors and leaders.

  September 21st, 2012
From SDSU to Mars
In early August, the Mars Rover "Curiosity" successfully landed in an effort to discover more about earth's next door neighbor. Seven SDSU alumni who work with the Mars Science Laboratory played a variety of roles in the mission, from systems engineer to spacecraft navigator...

  September 20th, 2012
Congress Hears UAV Expert from SDSU
San Diego State University researcher Mike Hennig recently provided insight on unmanned aerial vehicles at an open forum for Congress.

  September 20th, 2012
To the Arctic and Beyond
"I've never sampled through snow before," Miller said. "Most researchers don't measure during winter, but there is increasing evidence of a fair amount of biological activity in the cold."

  September 19th, 2012
When "the Big One" Comes
SDSU professor and seismologist Kim Olsen has created a computer-generated model of this monster quake in order to project its capacity for destruction.

  September 19th, 2012
A Living Lab
"Our collaborative intends to make the park a world center for water and related energy efficiency," said Alan Sweedler, Ph.D., SDSU's environmental sciences program director. "With the university's contributions of technical expertise and student support, the park becomes a living laboratory for us."

  August 28th, 2012
Milestones in Microbiology at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Stanley Maloy, Bruce Stillman, and James D. Watson spoke at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory ceremony at which a plaque commemorating the site was unveiled

  August 28th, 2012
Kepler Discovers Planetary System Orbiting Two Suns
"Each planet transits over the primary star, giving unambiguous evidence that the planets are real," said Jerome Orosz, San Diego State University Associate Professor of Astronomy and lead author of the study which is published today in the journal Science.

  August 23rd, 2012
Cymer Gift Honors Physics Legend
"Doc's lab is where we really learned the experimental side of physics," said Mark Johnson, '83, product manager at ViaSat Inc. "It's critically important that every physics student has the opportunity to go through the hands-on lab experience."

  August 23rd, 2012
Malcarne Awarded Faculty Monty
The SDSU Alumni Association's Awards for Outstanding Faculty Contributions to the University were presented to one awardee from each of SDSU's seven colleges. Provost Nancy Marlin and Tim Young, presented replica Monty statues and checks to College of Sciences honoree Vanessa Malcarne, Department of Psychology.

  August 23rd, 2012
New Faculty Welcomed
Mauro Tambasco, Ph.D. (University of Western Ontario 2002) Tambasco is a board certified Clinical Medical Physicist whose previous appointment since 2004 was as Medical Physicist/Assistant Professor in the Departments of Oncology and Medical Physics at the University of Calgary.

  August 14th, 2012
NIH Tabs SDSU Prof
The NIH named SDSU professor Sanford Bernstein chair of the NIH skeletal muscle and exercise physiology board.

  August 10th, 2012
Study Tracks Rise of Feminine Pronouns
The use of male and female pronouns in books reflects changes in women's status during the 20th century.

  August 3rd, 2012
SDSU Alums Lead Mars Rover Mission
Six SDSU alumni are part of the Mars Science Laboratory team that will land the Mars Rover "Curiosity" on the planet this weekend.

  July 26th, 2012
Rejuvenating Aged Hearts
SDSU Heart Institute researchers successfully rejuvenated damaged and aged heart tissue with modified stem cells.

  July 23rd, 2012
Darwin Still Rules!
A new book by Stanley Maloy, dean of the College of Sciences, asks scientists why evolutionary research matters.

  July 23rd, 2012
Mobile Apps Program Unveiled
The SDSU College of Extended Studies is offering a new one-year certificate program.

  July 18th, 2012
Grad Research Program Concludes
For the past 10 years, SDSU professor Terry Cronan headed Career Opportunities in Research— a grant-supported program aimed at helping underrepresented and disadvantaged students access Ph.D. programs for mental health research.

  July 13th, 2012
China Trip Focuses on Science, Environment
The students are part of the "Global Climate Change and the Spread of Infectious Disease" program, and are spending two weeks in China studying and working with Chinese students on projects related to climate change, energy, water resources, marine ecology and how all of these areas impact public health globally, in China and the United States.

  July 10th, 2012
Tail Shakes Scare Snakes
Matthew Barbour and Rulon Clark decided to investigate things from a snake's perspective. Armed with snake tongs and bags, the San Diego State University ecologists trekked into the California wilderness and captured and anesthetized 22 rattlesnakes...

  July 6th, 2012
Keeping the Flu Away
Prior to this study, EP67 had been primarily used as an adjuvant for vaccines, something added to the vaccine to help activate the immune response. But Joy Phillips, Ph.D. a lead author of the study with her colleague Sam Sanderson, Ph.D. at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, saw potential for it to work on its own.

  July 3rd, 2012
SDSU Alumnus Wins Apps Challenge
When San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders announced the city was asking its citizens to develop innovative smart phone applications that would serve the public good, San Diego State University alumnus Suhail Wakil had an inspiration.

  July 3rd, 2012
Dive into Marine Biology
There has long been a gap between scientists and nonscientists when it comes to understanding how the biological world works. This void vexed Annalisa Berta, a biologist at San Diego State University.

  July 2nd, 2012
Hotter Temperatures Could Lead To More Wildfires, Damaged Eco-Systems
Matt Rahn, of San Diego State University's Environmental Sciences Department, describes what he calls the climate change "Positive Feedback Loop." Increased temperatures lead to more frequent and more intense wildfires, which produce large amounts of carbon emissions, which lead to increased temperatures.

  June 29th, 2012
SDSU Researchers Help Battle Colorado Fires From Hundreds Of Miles Away
A team at SDSU's Immersive Vizualization Center, known as the Viz Lab, is creating three-dimensional maps and imagery for Colorado's emergency responders and residents during one of Colorado's worst wildfires in more than a decade.

  June 19th, 2012
Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Examined
The three-year study, led by SDSU psychology professor Sarah Mattson as part of a multi-site national research initiative, examines the relationship of prenatal alcohol exposure with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder on two key functions of the brain.

  June 18th, 2012
Study Improves Understanding of Surface Molecules in Controlling Size of Gold Nanoparticles
Co-authored by SDSU chemistry professor Gregory Kalyuzhny, the paper "Bulky Adamantanethiolate and Cyclohexanethiolate Ligands Favor Smaller Gold Nanoparticles with Altered Discrete Sizes," was published online June 15 in ACS Nano.

  June 17th, 2012
When Good Bugs Go Bad: Microbiome Dynamics and Disease
Dean Stanley Maloy interviews: Lita Proctor, National Human Genome Research Inst/NIH; Forest Rohwer, San Diego State University; and Karen Guillemin, University of Oregon

  June 17th, 2012
Microbial Colonization and the Host: Do the Colonists Reshape the Landscape?
Dean Stanley Maloy interviews: Katherine Lemon, The Forsyth Institute and Boston Children's Hospital; and Karina Pokusaeva, Baylor College of Medicine.

  June 13th, 2012
Diet Sodas may Confuse Brain's Calorie Counter
Erin Green and Claire Murphy of the University of California, San Diego and San Diego State University recruited 24 healthy young adults for a battery of brain imaging tests.

  June 1st, 2012
Jeffrey Davis Recognized in Top-50 Most Published Authors in Applied Optics
SDSU physics professor Jeffrey Davis recognized in top-50 most published authors in the journal Applied Optics. Out of 65 articles submitted, 48 are coauthored with SDSU students. Davis ranked 15th.

  May 31st, 2012
In Memoriam: Dr. Edward L. Morgan
Edward L. Morgan, Ph.D, Research Professor of Biology and member of the Donald P. Shiley BioScience Center at San Diego State University passed away May 31, 2012 after a short illness.

  May 31st, 2012
Gross, Man!
"Humans are spending an increasing amount of time indoors, yet we know little about the diversity of bacteria and viruses where we live, work and play," said Scott Kelley, lead author on the study and SDSU professor of biology.

  May 30th, 2012
VizCenter Receives National Award
The work by Viz Center director Eric Frost and his team was recognized by the Association for Information Communications Technology Professionals in Higher Education with the Award for Institutional Excellence in Information Technology, the organization's most prestigious award for institutions.

  May 30th, 2012
Diverse Projects Awarded for Excellence
Steven Barlow, associate director, SDSU Electron Microscope Facility, which teaches students and researchers how to use microscopes. Barlow also established a system for K-12 students to access the microscope lab remotely.

  May 24th, 2012
And the Monty Goes To...
Vanessa Malcarne, professor of psychology in the College of Sciences is internationally recognized for her work on chronic diseases. She played a key role in developing the joint doctoral program in clinical psychology at SDSU.

  May 21st, 2012
Winners announced in National Student Solar Spectrograph Competition at Montana State
Best Presentation of Results Award -- San Diego State University. Team members were Heath Kirkwood, Scott Patterson, Michael Baude and Emily Mitchell, all of San Diego; and Kenny Sokolowski of Big Bear, Calif. Team adviser was Matt Anderson.

  May 17th, 2012
Beach Rocks In Woman's Pocket Start Fire
SDSU Professor and geologist Dr. Pat Abbot talks about a strange incident where a woman put orange and green rocks from San Onofre State Beach into her pocket and they caught fire.

  May 17th, 2012
A Shift in Heart Research
"This is a huge shift in the way medicine is done," said Sussman. "We essentially want to retrain transplant surgeons from replacing the entire heart and show them how to repair a heart with stem cells from the patient's own body."

  May 14th, 2012
Awe-Inspiring Sky Spectacle
"The view from San Diego should be awe-inspiring as the moon slowly devours the sun, leaving in its wake only a shining crescent of light," said Allen Shafter, chairman of the astronomy department at San Diego State University.

  May 10th, 2012
Whale Secrets Revealed
It's would think we would know a lot about whales but we know less about their anatomy just because they are logistically very hard to study," said Annalisa Berta, SDSU professor of biology and project leader.

  May 9th, 2012
SDSU Marine Lab Opens Doors
"A thorough understanding of our local marine ecosystems is important," said Violet Compton, lab co-chair. "It will enable more effective conservation and enjoyment of marine resources by everyone in the local community."

  May 2nd, 2012
Science Educator Lauded for Student Achievement
"It was an honor receiving this recognition because it directly relates to the work I am currently engaged in," said Martin, who was one of four award recipients.

  May 1st, 2012
From Compact Scholar to Harvard
"I knew that an education would be crucial to success, but I had no idea how far it would go," she said. "I just knew that I had to do my part to make it happen."

  May 17th, 2012
A Shift in Heart Research
"This is a huge shift in the way medicine is done," said Sussman. "We essentially want to retrain transplant surgeons from replacing the entire heart and show them how to repair a heart with stem cells from the patient's own body."

  May 14th, 2012
Awe-Inspiring Sky Spectacle
"The view from San Diego should be awe-inspiring as the moon slowly devours the sun, leaving in its wake only a shining crescent of light," said Allen Shafter, chairman of the astronomy department at San Diego State University.

  May 10th, 2012
Whale Secrets Revealed
It's would think we would know a lot about whales but we know less about their anatomy just because they are logistically very hard to study," said Annalisa Berta, SDSU professor of biology and project leader.

  May 9th, 2012
SDSU Marine Lab Opens Doors
"A thorough understanding of our local marine ecosystems is important," said Violet Compton, lab co-chair. "It will enable more effective conservation and enjoyment of marine resources by everyone in the local community."

  May 2nd, 2012
Science Educator Lauded for Student Achievement
"It was an honor receiving this recognition because it directly relates to the work I am currently engaged in," said Martin, who was one of four award recipients.

  May 1st, 2012
From Compact Scholar to Harvard
"I knew that an education would be crucial to success, but I had no idea how far it would go," she said. "I just knew that I had to do my part to make it happen."

  April 26th, 2012
2,321 Earth-Like Planets and Counting
The lecture, sponsored by the SDSU Department of Astronomy and the Mount Laguna Observatory Associates, will take place at 7:30 p.m., April 27, in Geology, Math and Computer Sciences room 333.

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