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  August 22nd, 2016

Fighting Barnacle Buildup with Biology (Michael Price)

"Bacteria-induced metamorphosis has been known to happen for almost a century, but no one knows how it works," says Shikuma, a member of SDSU's Viral Information Institute. The institute, led by biologists Forest Rohwer and Anca Segall, is at the forefront of investigations into microbial genomics.

  August 19th, 2016

Los Peligros del Zika en San Diego (Marinee Zavala)

Stanley Maloy, Decano del Colegio de Ciencias en la Universidad Estatal de San Diego, aseguro que es necesario recordar como inicio el Virus del Nilo Occidental. "Parecia muy lejano algo que empezo en Nueva York, pero ahora ya tenemos a personas que mueren por este mosquito en la region".

  August 12th, 2016

Inspiring Future Scientists (Katie White)

"This isn't happening," shouts one child in disbelief as nearly half the balloons go inside the container. Another child simply exclaims "This is so cool!" as Gerardo Mendoza, a physics student in physics professor Milton Torikachvili's lab, is demonstrating the effect liquid nitrogen has on an inflated balloon.

  August 2nd, 2016

Millennials Less Sexually Active than Gen-X Peers (Michael Price)

Since time immemorial, older generations have fretted over the sexual habits of young people. In today's world, however, elders might just be wondering why young people are having so little sex, according to a new study by SDSU psychology professor Jean Twenge.

  July 28th, 2016

Kavli Fellow Travels to Indonesia (Michael Price)

"Dr. Holland's fellowship is not only a monumental honor for him as a scientist, but also a recognition of the role science can play in bringing countries closer together," said Chukuka S. Enwemeka, provost and senior vice president for Academic Affairs at SDSU.

  July 26th, 2016

$130 Million in Research Grants and Contracts for SDSU (Michael Price)

"I am extraordinarily proud of the successes of our faculty, staff and students who are competing nationally to bring essential resources to our campus and our region." —SDSU President Elliot Hirshman

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