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  February 8th, 2016

Mind Over Mood (Hallie Jacobs)

"People are becoming increasingly aware of mental health issues, but there's still this tremendous gap in how prevalent depression is in people's lives, and how much we talk about it," said Dr. Robin Weersing.

  January 25th, 2016

Caring for the Coast (Hallie Jacobs)

The California State University Council on Ocean Affairs, Science and Technology (COAST) awarded eight San Diego State University graduate students for their research endeavors dedicated to protecting marine environments -- the most out of any other CSU.

  January 23rd, 2016

Smaller, Smarter Families (staff)

"When you're used to calling the shots, and then the baby dictates everything, it's hard to keep your sanity, much less get along with your spouse," writes Ms Twenge, a professor at San Diego State University.

  January 21st, 2016

SDSU Students Seek Mentors: Aztec Mentor Program Goal, 1,000 Matches (staff)

"I was a bio major and I knew I wanted to do something environmental, but I just felt for some reason bio was the only way to go, you know, for grad school reasons and all of that," she recalls. "I felt like I had to put myself in this box, but the Aztec Mentor Program has really opened the box."

  January 20th, 2016

Above and Beyond: Sally Casanova Scholars (staff)

The California Pre-Doctoral Program recognized seven SDSU Pre-Doctoral students with Sally Casanova scholarships, three from the College of Sciences: Babgen Manookian, Computational physical chemistry; Carlos Nowotny, Biochemistry; Alexis Romero, Physics

  January 19th, 2016

New at SDSU this Spring Semester (Natalia Elko)

Four new faculty members will join us this semester: Dr. Jillian Wiggins & Dr. Dustin Thoman, (psychology) and Dr. Nicholas Shikuma & Dr. Xiaofeng Xu, (biology).

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