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  April 26th, 2016

Dean Stanley Maloy Receives Doctor Honoris Causa (staff)

At a ceremony on April 23, CoS Dean Stanley Maloy was awarded the title of Doctor Honoris Causa (Dr. h.c.) in the field of International Relations by Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Academic Council for outstanding contribution in the development of teaching, research, expertise and internationalization of disciplines.

  April 26th, 2016

We Share a Molecular Armor with Coral Reefs (Michael Price)

SDSU biology professor Forest Rohwer and other colleagues analyzed coral tissue samples that had been collected from coral reefs off the Southern Line Islands in the central Pacific Ocean, about 2000 km south of Hawaii. These coral reefs are considered among the most remote and pristine reef systems in the world.

  April 26th, 2016

Shannon Yandall DeJesus' Aztec Experience (staff)

I am fascinated by the human mind and love the work I do as a research assistant in Paul Gilbert’s lab. I declared my major because I want to continue to examine the operation of the brain and study the impact of various structural brain factors on psychological functioning.

  April 26th, 2016

Nine Students Receive Fulbright Awards for 2016-17 (staff)

Zachariah Martinez (biology, B.A.) will serve as an English Teaching Assistant in Bulgaria and create a health and wellness program for his students.

  April 26th, 2016

Above and Abroad (Michael Klitzing)

Homeland security graduate students Charles McGrath and Kelly McEtchin received prestigious Boren Awards and will each study abroad this fall and receive between $20,000 to $30,000 in funding.

  April 25th, 2016

Algae Disrupt Coral Reefs' Recycling (Michael Price)

As reefs are dominated by fleshy algae, "most of the energy in the ecosystem goes into the microbes," said the study's lead author, Andreas F. Haas, a biologist at SDSU. "It no longer supports the variety of reef organisms which make up a healthy system anymore."

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