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  January 20th, 2015

SDSU Hosts the "Year of the Phage" (Jeneene Chatowsky and Michael Price)

SDSU emerged as a hub of innovative phage research around 2001 when biologist Anca Segall, formerly director of SDSU's DNA sequencing facility, recruited a young postdoctoral researcher from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. His name was Forest Rohwer.

  January 12th, 2015

A Microbe Lover in San Diego (Vincent Racaniello)

TWiM Host Vincent Racaniello meets-up with Stan Maloy on the campus of San Diego State University to talk about his career in microbiology and his work as Dean of Sciences.

  January 9th, 2015

7 Things About Professor Jeremy Long (Staff)

Hip-hop saved my life -- seriously. Most people live with a lot of stress and academics are no exception. After a physical exam a few years back, my doctor encouraged me to identify strategies to reduce stress. On a whim, I took a hip-hop cardio class. The class provided an outlet for stress, kept me physically active and improved my mindfulness.

  January 6th, 2015

Why Ground Squirrels Go Ninja Over Nothing (Susan Milius)

Whole scientific careers have gone into understanding why a harmless handful of fluff like a California ground squirrel taunts rattlesnakes. Now Rulon Clark and his team at San Diego State University are exploring the puzzle of why the squirrels also seem to taunt rocks, sticks and the occasional shrub.

  January 5th, 2015

How a Position of Power Can Change Your Voice (Nell Greenfieldboyce)

Sei Jin Ko, a social psychology researcher at San Diego State University, explains that over a hundred college students came in to their lab to have themselves recorded, starting with a recording of their everyday voices.

  January 1st, 2015

What to expect in 2015 (Pete Ryan / Jean Twenge)

Marijuana legalization and transgender rights will expand, and religion, marriage, and overt prejudice will continue to fade. Pets will increasingly replace children as millennials face declining wages and delay entering adulthood longer than ever.

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