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  July 30th, 2015

Learning from Past Quakes (staff)

"This is also the case in our neck of the woods," said Kim Olsen, professor of geophysics in the SDSU geological sciences department, who contributed a set of earthquake computer simulations to the study.

  July 28th, 2015

Can We Restart the Heart? (Michael Price)

This is all very simplified, of course, but it's the basic model described by Mark Sussman, chief research scientist at the San Diego State University Heart Institute, who was recently selected by the American Heart Association's Basic Cardiovascular Science division to receive this year's Distinguished Achievement Award.

  July 27th, 2015

Collaborative Collisions (Michael Price)

"SDSU has a long tradition of providing the kind of hands-on experience that has turned San Diego into a hotspot for biotechnology, cyber-technology, and other kinds of high technology," explained Stanley Maloy, SDSU's dean of the College of Sciences.

  July 17th, 2015

Controlled Burn (Michael Price)

Justin Freiler, manager of the Visualization Center, is himself a former firefighter. He said firefighters receive training on how these factors affect fire speed and direction, but actually seeing it simulated on a three-dimensional surface and play out in real-time could help firefighters develop a much better intuitive sense of fire behavior under a variety of conditions.

  July 9th, 2015

Understanding The Psychology Of Water Conservation In San Diego (Megan Burke, Maureen Cavanaugh)

What does it take -- beyond the facts, figures and warnings -- to get people to change the way they use water? And what ethically is an individual's responsibility to conserve water during the drought?

  July 8th, 2015

Here to Help (Hallie Jacobs)

"The Red Cross mentioned they were searching for people who've had specific types of training," said Lance Larson, assistant director of SDSU's graduate program in homeland security.

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