Meet the Team!


portrait of program director    

Sharon Danoff-Burg, PhD, Program Director, provides ongoing oversight and coordination for all project activities at the SDSU and UCSD sites. Dr. Danoff-Burg is a clinical health psychologist with a strong background in chronic disease research, including cancer research. She received her doctorate in 1997 from the University of Kansas, completed clinical internship at Dartmouth Medical School, and was a postdoctoral research fellow at the City University of New York Graduate Center. In 1999 she joined the faculty at University at Albany-State University of New York. In 2005 she earned tenure and was promoted to Associate Professor, and in 2007 she was appointed Director of Graduate Studies in Psychology. Dr. Danoff-Burg has published 47 refereed journal articles and 13 book chapters. These include articles about cancer in Journal of Clinical Oncology, Oncology Nursing Forum, Cancer Nursing, Psycho-Oncology, Clinical Psychology Review, and Health Psychology, among others. In 2011 Dr. Danoff-Burg joined the SDSU/UCSD Cancer Center Comprehensive Partnership as Program Director. She oversees all aspects of U54-related research and other programmatic activities;  organizes meetings of the Executive Committee, Internal Advisory Committee, and Program Steering Committee; and functions as a day-to-day supervisor of Partnership staff at SDSU.

portrait of program coordinator

Ebere Lima, M.A., BMaP Program Coordinator, has served in this position for three years overseeing the coordination, planning, and preparation of the needs assessment and implementation plan for the Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities (CRCHD), ARRA-funded Biospecimen/Biobanking – Geographic Management Program (BMaP). Ms. Iweriebor earned her BA in Psychology and Social Behavior at the University of California, Irvine in 2004 and her MA in Psychology with an emphasis in Applied Developmental Psychology and Evaluation at Claremont Graduate University in 2009. She has been involved in various research projects addressing drug, health, and community concerns for underserved ethnic minorities. In addition to her work on the BMaP, Ms. Iweriebor also provides project and coordination support for the Program Director, Program Manager, advisory committees, and CDCPAR Resource staff. Because of her contributions not only to BMaP but to the Partnership as a whole, her effort is split between the U54 and the BMaP administrative supplement. She coordinates our U54’s efforts with the other participants in our Region.


portrait of staff member Leanne Thiltgen

Leanne Thiltgen, Program Assistant (SDSU),  provides administrative and fiscal management support (e.g., assistance with scheduling, travel, purchasing, and payments) for the partnership. Ms. Thiltgen joined the Partnership in April of 2011. Prior to joining the SDSU Partnership staff, she worked for the Sweetwater Union High School District. She provides administrative and fiscal management support as mentioned above, as well as other important support for the Partnership such as assistance with event planning, social media, and publicity.


Malaika Tobias

Malaika Tobias, M.P.H. Program Assistant (UCSD), provides administrative and fiscal management support (e.g., assistance with scheduling, travel, purchasing, and payments) for the partnerhsip. Ms. Tobias has experience providing research and program support to various grant-funded, public health-related projects. She received her MPH from Claremont Graduate University (CGU) in 2011 with a concentration in Health Education, Promotion and Evaluation. Prior to joining the UCSD Partnership staff, she was a Research Assistant at CGU for a NIH-funded UO1 project where she provided administrative and writing support to the Project Manager and Principal Investigator.