U54 Principal Investigators



portrait of principal investigator

Elizabeth Klonoff, PhD, lead PI, SDSU

Dr. Elizabeth A. Klonoff has served as one of the PIs since the U56 was funded, 11 years ago. As the SDSU Co-Director of the Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology, she holds faculty appointments at both universities and has working relationships with faculty, staff, students, and administrators from both campuses; she also serves as the SDSU contact person for the UCSD Clinical & Translational Science Awards grant. Dr. Klonoff has a long history of experience and interests in cancer research, cancer research training of minorities, and research emphasizing ethnic minorities. Read more.


 portrait of principal investigator

Stanley Maloy, PhD, PI, SDSU

Dr. Stanley Maloy has been a PI on the U54 since it transitioned from a U56 application. He is Dean of the College of Sciences and Professor of Biology at San Diego State University. Research in his lab is focused on (i) new approach to develop novel inhibitors based upon comparative genomics / synthetic biology (NIH Eureka), (ii) new approaches for targeted delivery of antitumor agents (Vaxiion Therapeutics), (iii) role of Salmonella enterica sv. Typhi in the development of liver cancer (FONDCYT Chile), (iv) evolution of emerging infectious disease (W. M. Keck Foundation. In addition, he is a co-PI on a Minority Access to Research Careers award from (NIGMS). Read more.


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Sheila Crowe, MD, PI, UCSD

Dr. Sheila Crowe is Professor of Medicine and Director of Research in the Division of Gastroenterology in the Department of Medicine at UCSD. As a clinician-scientist gastroenterologist, Dr. Crowe has been active in basic, translational and clinical research. Her research program explores the interaction of luminal contents including microbes with the gastrointestinal mucosa that can lead to inflammatory disease and associated epithelial cancers. Dr. Crowe’s primary research focus centers on gastric carcinogenesis related to H. pylori infection and oxidative stress. Read more.

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María Elena Martínez, MPH, PhD, lead PI, UCSD

Dr. Martínez joined the UCSD MCC faculty in January 2012 as Professor in the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine. On March 1, 2012, she was appointed the Sam M. Walton Endowed Chair in Cancer Research. Her appointment further strengthens the existing cancer disparities endeavor at UCSD. Dr. Martinez was appointed to the prestigious NCI’s Board of Scientific Advisors in 2010. Read more.


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Ana Navarro, PhD, PI, UCSD

Dr. Navarro is an Associate Professor in the department of Family and Preventive Medicine at UCSD. She has served as a UCSD PI of the SDSU/UCSD Cancer Center Comprehensive Partnership since its inception, and as such has worked closely with SDSU to build the U54 infrastructure over the past 12 years.  Her research agenda focuses on the use of community-based participatory interventions to improve health status and access to health care in underserved communities with a special emphasis on cancer health disparities. Read more.

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