Fatigue Characteristics in a Hispanic Population


SDSU Co-Leader

Elizabeth D. Cordero, Ph.D.

UCSD Co-Leader

Joel E. Dimsdale, M.D.



Fatigue is one of the most common and upsetting symptoms that cancer patients experience. In recent years, investigators have developed new research questionnaires for assessing fatigue—questionnaires that are able to differentiate for instance between emotional fatigue and physical fatigue. Although these questionnaires are available in Spanish translation, no one has examined if Hispanics and Anglos conceptualize fatigue differently, including Hispanic and Anglo cancer patients. Similarly, no one has examined how acculturation influences reporting of fatigue. This study examines fatigue complaints in Hispanics of Mexican descent in San Diego via a telephone survey as well as in focus groups with Hispanics of Mexican descent in Imperial Valley and San Diego who have been diagnosed with cancer. This information will facilitate understanding how cancer-related fatigue is conceptualized by a Hispanic population. This information will in turn allow us to better understand fatigue complaints expressed by Hispanics with cancer.

Project Period: 9/1/2009 – 8/31/2012