Training/Career Development and Education


The overall objectives of the SDSU/UCSD Cancer Center Comprehensive Partnership are to: 1) educate and train promising underrepresented minority scientists in cancer research; and 2) increase the number of faculty, scientists, clinicians, and students engaged in culturally relevant cancer research and community outreach and education.

In the future, we anticipate to expand the activities of the Training/Career Development and Education (TCDE) Core so that it supports a wider array of training programs in order to reach the full range of potential trainees from undergraduates through early-career faculty and to include medical students and clinicians.  Consistent with the goals of CPACHE, our Partnership’s TCDE Core was designed to address one of the major obstacles noted in the program announcement, the insufficient training opportunities for scientists from underrepresented groups and underserved communities engaged in cancer research.  Therefore, one of the overall goals of the anticipated Core is to create and support a pipeline by partnering with existing training programs at UCSD and SDSU to increase the number of underrepresented scientists in cancer research. The other major goal of the anticipated Core is to increase the opportunities for training in cancer disparities for all investigators.

The specific aims of the anticipated TCDE Core are as follows:

  1. Increase the number of undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students from underrepresented groups conducting cancer research projects and broaden the range of disciplines these students pursue.
  2. Expand the training curriculum in cancer and cancer disparities research in existing undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programs, including medical students and residents.
  3. Provide career development and mentoring programs that will enhance the success and retention of both underrepresented and non-underrepresented trainees in research careers related to cancer and cancer disparities.
  4. Work with other programs that focus on underrepresented students to develop improved methods to track trainees after they have participated in Partnership activities.

The success of the anticipated TCDE Core will rely on the outstanding educational and training resources that exist at SDSU and UCSD along with the sustained U54 Partnership and collaborative cancer research setting, including community engagement, that will foster and support the goals of the Core related to education, training, and career development.