Outreach Core


The goal of the Outreach Core (OC) is to contribute to the elimination of cancer health disparities and promotion of health equity through community-centered strategies seamlessly integrated with the U54 research, training, and education components. Substantive integration of community-based partners provides a foundation to ensure that the voices and experiences from our target communities help guide development of our research priorities and protocols, impact our training initiatives, and increase our capacity to service community agencies and programs. The OC provides direction to the development, application, and integration of community competence and community-based participatory standards in all U54 components.

The specific aims of the Outreach Core include:

1.   To work in collaboration with community and academic partners in the development and implementation of cancer health disparities and health equity research, training, and outreach programs;

2.   To build upon and maintain the infrastructure that provides support to a broad network of (local) community partners interested in working with university colleagues to address cancer health disparities;

3.   To participate in and help guide the development and implementation of training sessions in community-based participatory research and community competent models in relevant initiatives sponsored by the Partnership; and

4.   To ensure that the Partnership is guided by and remains responsive to the communities served by our research, education, and outreach efforts through activities that are community-based, -directed and/or include community representatives.