The IAC will be responsible for internal planning and evaluation of the Partnership. The five PIs are also members of the IAC. The IAC, chaired by Drs. Kim Barrett (UCSD) and Vanessa Malcarne (SDSU), consists of 12 members, including 2 representing the community partners. The IAC makes recommendations regarding the allocation of developmental funds to achieve the goals of the Partnership.

Community Representation (members of the Community Liaison Committee)

  • Lynda Barbour, MPH, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network
  • Susan Shinagawa, Intercultural Cancer Council Asian & Pacific Islander National Cancer Survivors Network

SDSU Representation

  • Vanessa Malcarne, PhD (IAC Co-chair), Professor, Department of Psychology, SDSU
  • John Elder, PhD, MPH, Distinguished Professor, Division of Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences, Graduate School of Public Health, SDSU
  • Melbourne Hovell, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Public Health, Graduate School of Public Health; Director, Center for Behavioral Epidemiology and Community Health, SDSU
  • Estralita Martin, PhD, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, College of Sciences, SDSU
  • Stephen C. Welter, PhD, Vice President for Research and Graduate Dean, SDSU

UCSD Representation

  • Kim E. Barrett, PhD (IAC Co-chair), Dean, Office of Graduate Studies and Research, UCSD
  • Lawrence Alfred, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Biological Sciences, UCSD MCC
  • Ira Goodman, Associate Director for Administration, UCSD MCC
  • Georgia Sadler, BSN, MBA, PhD, Associate Director for Community Outreach, UCSD MCC
  • Dong-Er Zhang, PhD, Associate Director for Basic Science, UCSD MCC
For information on how to contact one of the IAC members, click their name to be directed to their university departmental page.