Program Founder

Anna-Michelle McSorley

Doctoral Student

Studying: Clinical Health Psychology, University of Rhode Island

Interest: Health Psychology, Clinical Psychology

Currently a first-year doctoral student studying Clinical Health Psychology at the University of Rhode Island.  As a transfer student from San Diego City College, she is passionate about helping community college students achieve their academic goals. She graduated from SDSU in Spring 2012 with her Bachelors of Liberal Arts and Sciences in Psychology. 


Retired Web Designer

Richard D. McSorley III

United States Navy

Interests: Computer Technology, Data Warehousing


This dedicated veteran serves his country and volunteers his free time to give back to the local community. He has experienced the value of mentorship first hand and appreciates the benefits of having positive role models.

Retired Mentor

Rebecca Macias

Graduate Student

Studying: Social Work and Counseling Psychology, San Fransisco State University

Interests: Marriage and Family Therapy, Rehabilitation Counseling

A first-year masters student at San Fransisco State University, Rebecca will complete her dual degree in social work and counseling in the spring of 2015. Her ultimate goal is to practice therapy in a rehabilitation facility for those suffering with addictions.

Retired Mentor

Enrique Gracian, M.A.

Doctoral Student

Studying: Experimental Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Interests: Neuropsychology, Clinical Psychology

As a first generation college student from an underrepresented minority and low income background, Enrique strives to mentor and assist students who value higher education, and seek careers as academics and professionals, from these same populations. He is truly invested in education and wishes to contribute to the academic and professional development of young scholars by serving as a mentor and educator at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Retired Mentor

Omar Maximo

Doctoral Student - University of Alabama at Birmingham

Developmental Psychology


Retired Mentor

Cecilia Bess

Doctoral Student - Texas Tech University

Counseling Psychology

Retired Program Director and Mentor

Alexandria Booker

Doctoral Student - University of Missouri Kansas City

Clinical Health Psychology

Retired Mentor and Administrative Assistant

Lydia Keema

Doctoral Student

Retired Mentor

Cynthia Cervantes

Ph.D. Student, University of Florida

Retired Mentor 

Julian Henderson


Retired Mentor

Ashley Emami

Master's Student, CSU San Marcos 

Retired Mentor

Joseph Hernandez



Retired Mentor

Josalin Black

Retired Mentor

Victor Avalos

Ph.D. Student, Clinical Psychology, Alliant University


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