Program Advisor and Liaisons

Faculty Advisor

Michelle Lopez, M.A.

Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Interests: Education, Outreach

As supervisor of the Psychology MORE Program, she strives to make resources available to community college students seeking to transfer to a four-year institution. She contributes to countless programs on and off campus in an effort to educate and inspire students from all walks of life.

Program Liaison

Emilio Ulloa, Ph.D.

SDSU Undergraduate Advisor

Interests: Social Psychology, Dating Violence

As director of Undergraduate Advising, Dr. Ulloa supports the Psychology MORE Program by providing community college students with access to the Psychology Advising Office. This office allows students to gain access to the resources they need for academic success. 

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Program Liaison

Jaye Van Kirk, M.A. 

San Diego Mesa College Liaison

Psychology Professor

Jaye Van Kirk, M.A., is a Professor of Psychology at San Diego Mesa College. Her commitment to mentoring and teaching is exemplified in several leadership roles focusing on helping students successfully navigate the pipeline from A.A. through Ph.D. She served as the National Chair for the Diversity Project 2000 and Beyond (mentoring program for ethnic minority students in psychology), Co-Director of the National Institutes of Health Bridges to the Baccalaureate program (developing ethnic minority scholars into research scientists in biomedical and behavioral sciences) and the first Chinese-American to serve as National President of Psi Beta (National Honor Society for Psychology Students at Community Colleges). Whether it is teaching or mentoring, she is passionate about encouraging students to maintain the highest standards so that they reach their fullest potential.

Program Liaison

Rudy Contreras

Southwestern/San Diego Mesa College Liaison

Psychology Professor

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