2013-2014 MORE Team


Program Director of Mentorship

Carl Bolano

Psychology Undergraduate 

Interests:Clinical Psychology 

Carl transferred from San Diego Mesa College in Fall 2011. She is currently working as a research nd mood disorders with an integration of assistant at the Child and Adolescent Anxiety and Mood Program under the supervision of Dr. V. Robin Weersing. One of her goals is to develop intervention/prevention programs for anxiety amulticultural perspectives. As a PsyMORE mentor and a MARC scholar, Carl hopes to provide support and encouragement to students who have a desire to grow academically and professionally. She is a recipient of the Sally Casanova Pre-doctoral Fellowship and a member of Phi Kappa Phi, Psi Chi, Golden Key, and Mortar Board. 

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Program Director of Outreach

Savanna Tierney

Psychology Undergraduate

Interests: Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology

Savanna Tierney is a psychology major and a biology minor. As a Bridges to Baccalaureate Scholar from Mesa College, she is familiar with the transfer process and as prior military she is comfortable assisting students with questions regarding services available to veterans. She currently works under the direction of Dr. Paul Gilbert at the Center for Healthy Aging and Neurodegenerative Disease Research. Savanna is an active member of the Initiative for Maximizing Student Development (IMSD) program, Psi Chi, Mortar Board, and Student Mentored Academic Research Training (SMART) club.  Following graduation, Savanna plans to apply to Ph.D. programs in Clinical Neuropsychology.

Administrative Assistant 

Annalia Valdivia

Psychology Undergraduate

Interests: Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology

Annalia Valdivia is a first generation student who will be a senior Fall 2013. She is a local student who graduated from Bonita Vista High School and came straight to San Diego State University as a freshman. She is a psychology undergraduate and is involved in activities/clubs such as Psi Chi, IMSD-MBRS, and research. Annalia currently works with Dr. Gallo and Dr. Gonzalez in their health disparities with an emphasis on cardiovascular disease lab.  Annalia will be applying to PhD programs in Clinical Psychology/ Counseling Fall 2014.  Ultimately her goal is to become a professor, conduct research, and be a mentor to future students. 

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Lidia Monjaras

Psychology Undergraduate

Lidia transferred from San Diego Mesa College in Fall 2013. She is currently working at the San Diego State Youth Violence Research Lab under the supervision of Dr. Emilio Ulloa. She is also involved with the clubs Psi Chi and SMART club.  Lidia also serves as a mentor for the program ICAN. She is working on her B.A in Psychology and her academic goal is to obtain her Ph.D in social psychology. Her career goal is to work in a university setting and create programs that will support unrepresented students fulfill their academic goals. Lidia plans to apply to graduate schools in Fall 2014.

A.S. Representative

Karen Key

Psychology Undergraduate

Karen is a nontraditional American Indian transfer student, who believes in students working together in collaboration towards reaching their academic success. She joined the MORE program with the aspiration to inspire others to discover the potential within themselves through academia. She is currently working towards her degree in Psychology with a minor in Social Work and plans on procuring research in Health and Social Psychology before applying to graduate school in 2014.



Patricia Cintora

Psychology Undergraduate

My name is Patricia Cintora, a 22-year-old mother, wife and full time student. I am undergraduate in psychology with a minor in biology. I “transferred” from SDSU- Imperial valley campus in the summer of 2011 in order to obtain research and class experience in my area of interest: neuropsychology. Since then I have participated in two summer research programs: McNair and the Health Careers and Opportunities summer research program (HCOP). I am also a member of the wonderful Faculty Student Mentoring Program (FSMP) at SDSU. I currently work under the direction of Dr. Claire Murphy at the Lifespan Human senses Laboratory. My personal experiences have given me the desire to help other students overcome their own obstacles and help them achieve their personal and professional goals. I plan to apply to Ph.D. programs in behavioral neuroscience in the fall of 2014.

Breanna Holloway

Psychology Undergraduate

I transferred to SDSU from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in the Spring of 2011. I have also attended South Western Community College.  I am currently working in Dr. Terry A. Cronan’s Health Outcomes Studies Lab.  My goal is to obtain a position in academia. As an individual who comes from an underrepresented background, it is my hope to mentor students from disadvantaged and underrepresented groups and encourage them to get involved in research at the undergraduate level.  I will be applying to graduate programs Fall 2014.

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Megan Lombard

Psychology Undergraduate

Megan Lombard is a SDSU psychology undergraduate senior who transfered from Los Angeles Valley College in 2011 after serving a term in the US Air Force, where she is currently still serving in the Air Force California Guard as a sergeant.  She joined PsychMORE in hopes of helping and motivating new college students.  She is the psychology club vice president, a student in Dr.Wells cancer desperities lab, and a psychMORE mentor.  She is interested in psychology in advertising and also in forensic psychology and is persuing her masters degree in IO psychology upon graduation.


Symone McKinnon

Psychology Undergraduate

My name is Symone McKinnon and I am a psychology major and an EOP student. I work in Dr. Terry Cronan’s Health Outcomes Studies Lab which, focuses on developing, implementing, and evaluating intervention programs to encourage healthy behaviors among people suffering from chronic diseases. After I graduate May 2015 with a B.A. in Psychology, my goal is to continue research in graduate school and pursue a Ph.D. in Psychology. In this career, I hope to research ethnic health disparities and work with people suffering from mental health disorders.

Tonetta Smith

Psychology Undergraduate

Interests: Rehabilitation and psychotherapy

Tonetta transferred to SDSU in Spring 2010. She is a first generation college student, single mother and the award winner of the Student of Distinction, 2011. She also attended City College, Grossmont, and Cuyamaca. A member of Psi Beta and Psi Chi, Tonetta is the current Psi Chi President of the SDSU Chapter. Tonetta currently works as an Inspirational Speaker and is the owner of two small businesses and one non-profit organization, Alwayz Sistaz. She is working on her BA in Psychology and her academic goal is to attend SDSU’s Rehabilitation Counseling MA program. Her career goal is working with youth and providing psychotherapy.


Duyen Trang

Duyen Trang

Psychology Undergraduate

Duyen is an undergraduate with a major in psychology and a minor in statistics. She currently conducts research under the mentorship of Dr. May Yeh  to study about children’s mental health services with an emphasis on cultural diversity. As a first generation college student, she understands the difficulties and barriers of obtaining a B.A. degree and preparing for a graduate education. Therefore, she will gladly provide any support as well as resources to assist other students on their academic journey or career choice. Duyen is a current member of the Initiative for Maximizing Student Development (IMSD) program, Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), Psi Chi, Phi Kappa Phi, and Phi Eta Sigma. She will be applying to psychology Ph.D. programs in Fall 2015.

Cherise Villada

Psychology Undergraduate

My name is Cherise Villada. I am a 23 year old, married, full time student. I went through Southwestern Community College for four years. I changed my major from Psychology, to English, to teaching, back to Psychology. I loved community college because it gave me the room and time to discover where I want to head in life. I will finally have my BA this year. I plan to work for a year while I build up research experience. I want to get my PHD in Forensic Psychology and continue on to work for the FBI. To get to where I want to go I do as much community outreach and volunteer services as possible. Giving back to the community is important no matter what you do with your life.

Jazmin Wali

Psychology Undergraduate

In 2011, I began working as an Instructional Assistant in an Adaptive Arts and Crafts class for adults that have a disability. Working there has given me the chance to learn more about mental health and my interest in psychology. In summer 2012, I became a research assistant in UCSD Department of Psychiatry, working under the supervision of Dr. Murray Stein with the Anxiety and Traumatic Stress Disorders Research Program. That same summer I became a mentor for the HEART (Helping to Empower Authentic Relationships in Teens) Program in which I meet with teens that may be at risk of dating violence. This spring I had the opportunity to be a Teacher Assistant for Dr. David Marx in his Social Psychology class. My future goal is to attend a clinical psychology PhD program concentrating my studies and research in aging, memory, and anxiety.

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