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Psychology is the scientific discipline that studies human behavior and mental processes: how human beings develop, learn, think, and feel. Psychologists study the relative influences of heredity (qualities people inherit from their biological parents) and experience (what happens to people during their lifetime). Many areas of psychology require substantial funding for research success. Our faculty include acknowledged leaders in their fields who have attracted major external funding to the University. The department is currently generating approximately $12 million per year in research funds. Psychological studies are carried out in a wide variety of environments, including the laboratory, home, school, workplace, jury room, hospital and hospice. Faculty of the Department of Psychology at SDSU actively involve students in their research and focus on a number of areas of psychology including:

     •  the effects of prenatal environments, including the influence of hormones and drugs used by expectant mothers on

         brain development and later functioning;

     •  the normal processes of learning, memory, and cognition (knowing and perceiving);

     •  the effects of childhood experience on social-emotional and cognitive development;

     •  the functioning of adults and the elderly in response to biological and environmental challenges;

     •  the effectiveness of programs for enhancing physical and mental well-being of people;

     •  personnel selection and performance in industrial and business settings;

     •  ways of eliminating or controlling maladaptive behaviors.

Source: SDSU College of Sciences Psychology Summary

Psychology Peer Advising Center, Department of Psychology

This program provides access to peer advisors that act as a valuable resource in navigating psychology at San Diego State University.  Advisors are trained to provide academic advising to promote success at SDSU and beyond.  They can assist with: schedule planning, graduate and career resources, reviewing degree requirements, providing information about campus support programs, etc. The Psychology Peer Advising Center is open to, both majors and pre-majors, as well as those interested in majoring in Psychology.  

For more information please visit Peer Advising at:

Psi Chi, International Honor Society in Psychology

Psi Chi is an international honor society for those interested in the study of Psychology.  There are a number of requirements for acceptance into the honor society, however, the San Diego State University chapter hosts informational events open to all Psychology students.

For more information about Psi Chi please visit:

Specific information about the SDSU chapter can be found on their website at:


For more information about the Psychology Department at SDSU visit them at


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